KUBE adds LocalNow news and weather channel

LocalNow is an over-the-top (OTT) streaming service that is owned by the Weather Channel. Among their offerings is a local news and weather channel. That channel has made the leap from OTT to OTA by landing a spot on RNN-owned KUBE 57.7.

Weigel plans more MeTV on new channel

Robert Feder reports that MeTV (and KYAZ) owner Weigel Broadcasting is planning to launch a sister channel to it MeTV classic TV diginet in two weeks’ time.

Upon its May 15 launch, MeTV Plus will be only on Weigel’s stations in Chicago and Kingman/Phoenix. Other Weigel-owned stations, including KYAZ, are expected to follow.

There’s plenty of space on channel 51 for the new station. Currently only MeTV and Aztéca América air on KYAZ.

Thanks to reader Mike Dudas for the tip.

Lots of new subchannels being launched soon

Nexstar is launching a new subchannel on September 1. Rewind TV will carry classic sitcoms from the 1980s and 1990s.

Expect Rewind TV to air on Nexstar-owned KIAH.

Also coming later this year from Scripps: Defy and TrueReal (reality shows) in July, and Newsy in September.

More in this article from Broadcasting and Cable.

A subchannel shuffle with a Twist

Tegna is launching a new digital subchannel on its owned stations on Monday, April 5. Twist is targeted toward women, and will be showing reality shows featuring exciting reveals – or twists – at the end of each show.

Tegna will be airing Twist on channel 11.4, replacing the standard-definition broadcast of Quest. However, you will need to perform a rescan on Monday to get the new channel because 11.4 will be guesting on KTBU’s signal. Through the magic of PSIP, channel 11.4 will be hosted on physical channel 33.6.

A barker is already up on the current 11.4 signal.

HDHomerun screenshots

I was asked by someone on Facebook to show some screenshots of my HDHomerun.

  1. Screenshot of HDHR iPhone app
  2. Controls & guide on HDHR iPhone app
  3. Look-ahead guide on HDHR iPhone app
  4. Controls and guide on HDHR Apple TV app
  5. Guide on Plex Apple TV app

ThisTV pops up on a new channel

Allen Media Group’s classic TV channel ThisTV popped up this morning on KTRK 13.3. It replaces Laff, which migrated to KPXB 49.5 last week.

Additionally, KTRK has lit up QVC on 13.4.

This TV’s web site lists both KTRK 13.3 and incumbent KUBE 57.7 as local affiliates.

Thanks to reader Gerg for the heads-up.

Great news for TV engineers statewide!

There was a bit of unexpected good news from this February’s severe cold snap for broadcasters: Antenna farms across Texas are expected to yield a bumper harvest of fresh antennalings this spring.

Yúrén Jié Consulting chief engineer S. Loof Lirpa confirmed sightings of the new crop during routine maintenance at the Senior Road antenna farm in Missouri City.

“Yup, when that cold snap hit, I was pretty stoked knowing that the cold weather would cause this year’s antennalings to drop early, and when we went out to Missouri City last week, the fields were glistening with silver,” said Lirpa in an exclusive interview.

Similar sightings have been reported near Mount Bonnell in Austin, and near Cedar Hill in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Lirpa explained how his firm tends the antennalings. “We transplant them to growing facilities around the country to nurture them up to full size. With proper care, the best ones will grow up to be network affiliates someday. But even the smaller ones are useful. Get a flock of them about the same size, and they become AM antennas. We can also grow antennalings into FM or ham radio antennas, and even the ‘duds’ make it to CB sets.”

Residents nearby the antenna farms should be careful not to handle any antennalings they find, and instead call a qualified broadcast engineer to remove them properly.


Me is moving Monday!

MeTV is on its way to a new home on the dial. Starting Monday, March 29 at 4 am, MeTV will leave KPRC 2.2 and move to KYAZ 51.1.

This follows the purchase of KYAZ and Aztéca América sister stations in Dallas and Kingman, Arizona by Weigel Broadcasting, owner of MeTV as well as the “Movies!” Network in cooperation with the Fox Television Stations, the “DECADES” Network, the “H&I” Network and the “Start TV” Network in association with the CBS Television Stations.

Edited to add: Aztéca América will shift to 51.3. And KPRC is moving Start TV from 2.4 to 2.2.

Ion Plus, Qubo cease broadcasting

The E.W. Scripps takeover of Ion Media has led to a big shakeup of subchannels on KPXB channel 49 and all other Ion stations across the country.

As expected, the new owners have discontinued Ion Plus, Ion Shop and Qubo and replaced them with Scripps networks Court TV, Grit and Laff. On KPXB, Court TV is now on 49.2 (as well as 39.5), Grit is on 49.3 in 16×9 (as well as 67.3), and Laff is on 49.5 in 16×9 (and still 13.3 in 4×3). Court TV Mystery is expected soon on 49.4; at this time it’s still on 45.3.

It’s unknown how long the simulcasts on the old affiliates will remain in place.

Sinclair pulls Fox switcheroo in Beaumont

Sinclair Broadcast Group owns KFDM channel 6 and KBTV channel 4 in the Golden Triangle area. As of January 1, the Fox broadcast formerly on channel 4.1 has moved to channel 6.3, although still identifying as “Fox 4”. CBS remains on channel 6.1.

The CW has moved from 6.2 to 4.1 to replace Fox, and Charge! shifted from 6.3 to 6.2.

Here’s the new subchannel breakdown:
KBTV (4.1 CW, 4.2 TBD, 4.3 Comet, 4.4 Dabl)
KFDM (6.1 CBS, 6.2 Charge!, 6.3 Fox)