Univision to host two new English channels this fall

Katz Broadcasting will be launching two new channels, female-skewed Escape and male-oriented Grit, this summer. Houston is among the first markets listed to receive the new channels, which will be aired as subchannels of Univision stations. Watch for the new channels on sunchannels of KXLN channel 45 this fall.

The other channel run by Katz CEO Jonathan Katz, BounceTV, will continue to air on Gannett’s KHOU 11.2.

South Asian programmer heading for 15.2

South Asian programmer Diya TV USA is coming to Houston via KVVV-LD channel 15.2. The channel is currently showing a “coming soon” slide.

Diya TV is currently on the air in San Francisco on KAXT channel 1.3 (not a typo).

Current occupant The UTN has shifted down to channel 15.10.

Where oh where has my Qubo gone?

Viewers may have noticed recently that KPXB channel 49 has lost its subchannels. Main ION programming remains on channel 49.1, but Qubo, ION Life and infomercials disappeared from 49.2 through 49.4.

KPXB also carries the Airbox subscription service. To make room for more bandwidth for Airbox, the ION subchannels have moved down the dial to low-power sister station KBPX-LD, channel 46. This will make these channels harder to receive in most of the area, since KBPX’s signal doesn’t reach as far as KPXB’s.

You’ll now find Qubo on 46.2, ION Life on 46.3, ION Shop on 46.4, QVC on 46.5, and HSN on 46.6.

2V preparing to move up the dial

Local microcaster 2V Television, currently on KVQT channel 21.4, has announced its pending move to KTBU channel 55.4. The ID slide mentioned “canal 55.4 proximamente” (channel 55.4 soon), but no specific date.

Channel 55.4 is currently simulcasting channel 55.1′s MegaTV signal in standard definition.

KUBE gets Cozi with classic TV; KFTB goes dark

NBC Universal’s classic TV channel Cozi TV has found a Houston home on KUBE 57.5. The channel was launched earlier this year on NBC-owned stations, expanding to other groups such as London Broadcasting’s KCEN in Waco, KAGS in Bryan-College Station, and others.

Some TV listing services had shown 57.5 to be affiliated with the “Soul of the South” network that is scheduled to launch on Memorial Day.

Cozi TV is currently being shown in “squish-o-vision”, indicating a misconfiguration of the encoder.

In channel disappearances, the Fort Bend-focused “KFTB” airing on KVVV 15.6 appears to have folded up shop as quickly and quietly as it began. The channel now shows a “for lease” screen.

KFTH to get “GetTV” movie channel in fall

Classic movie channels are the fastest growing genre of digital TV subchannels. Now Sony Pictures Television is launching a new channel called GetTV, and Univision will be partnering in the launch in 24 markets, including Houston.

Expect GetTV to launch on KFTH channel 67.2 this fall.

Update: GetTV has announced February 3, 2014 as its start date.

New African-American channel launching on 15.5

Afrocentric Television Network, using the vanity call sign “KANT-TV”, is running test transmissions over KVVV channel 15.5.

The new channel takes the place of the former tenant, Distinction TV.

KTXH fires up 20.2 and 20.3

As previously mentioned, Fox-owned KTXH channel 20 has now turned on its two subchannels, and it looks like TitanTV was right on the money.

20.2 is dark for now, pending the launch of “Movies!”

20.3 is carrying a standard-definition 4×3 “squished” version of MundoFox, which continues in HD on KUVM-CD channel 34.1.

KUVM-CD adds Los Angeles station on 34.2

KUVM-CD recently shuffled its subchannels, adding QVC to 34.3 and losing TheCoolTV from 34.2. The station has now filled the vacancy on 34.2 by adding a simulcast of Los Angeles station KWHY-TV 22.2.

The main KWHY signal is the MundoFox affiliate for Los Angeles. When MundoFox signed on, the station moved its existing Spanish-language programming to 22.2 and branded it “Super 22″.

As carried on 34.2, the signal doesn’t fill a 480i screen. It’s slightly squished on the sides.

Could KTXH be jumping into the subchannel business?

Earlier in the year I posted about Weigel Broadcasting’s new subchannel “Movies”. At that time it was reported that the channel would be coming to a subchannel of KRIV channel 26.

Now there’s a hint that KTXH may be picking up “Movies!” and another digital channel.

The TitanTV listing site is now showing a channel 20.2 with “Movie Channel Coming Soon” in the grid. They’re also showing MundoFox, currently on KUVM-CD channel 34.1, on channel 20.3.

That last could be a mistake on TitanTV’s part, or it could reflect a recognition on Fox’s part that being on a low-power station in such a large market is a detriment to MundoFox.

Either way, keep your eyes on KTXH in the weeks to come.


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