Ion Plus, Qubo cease broadcasting

The E.W. Scripps takeover of Ion Media has led to a big shakeup of subchannels on KPXB channel 49 and all other Ion stations across the country.

As expected, the new owners have discontinued Ion Plus, Ion Shop and Qubo and replaced them with Scripps networks Court TV, Grit and Laff. On KPXB, Court TV is now on 49.2 (as well as 39.5), Grit is on 49.3 in 16×9 (as well as 67.3), and Laff is on 49.5 in 16×9 (and still 13.3 in 4×3). Court TV Mystery is expected soon on 49.4; at this time it’s still on 45.3.

It’s unknown how long the simulcasts on the old affiliates will remain in place.

Sinclair pulls Fox switcheroo in Beaumont

Sinclair Broadcast Group owns KFDM channel 6 and KBTV channel 4 in the Golden Triangle area. As of January 1, the Fox broadcast formerly on channel 4.1 has moved to channel 6.3, although still identifying as “Fox 4”. CBS remains on channel 6.1.

The CW has moved from 6.2 to 4.1 to replace Fox, and Charge! shifted from 6.3 to 6.2.

Here’s the new subchannel breakdown:
KBTV (4.1 CW, 4.2 TBD, 4.3 Comet, 4.4 Dabl)
KFDM (6.1 CBS, 6.2 Charge!, 6.3 Fox)

Testing, testing, 1, 2, ATSC 3.0? (Not quite)

EDIT: I jumped the gun on this. Please see comment below.

Rarely does a test pattern excite me anymore. But this one is different. It’s one of the first NextGen TV (ATSC 3.0) signal test transmissions in Houston.

ATSC 3.0 test pattern on a subchannel of KZJL.

This subchannel doesn’t have a number assigned to it yet. It’s showing up as “5002” on my HDHomerun ATSC 3.0 tuner. It won’t be visible on standard ATSC 1.0 tuners. Another ATSC 3.0 channel, “5000”, is configured but not broadcasting over KRIV.

I had pegged one of the Univisión stations as the initial testbed for ATSC 3.0 since both Univisión and Unimás are broadcast on both KXLN and KFTH.

(Dec. 28: This channel is now provisioned as KZJL 61.3, a standard ATSC 1.0 channel.)

KTXH hears the call of theGrio

The space left by the migration of Decades TV from KTXH to KRIV will be filled by Byron Allen’s theGrio TV upon that channel’s launch next month. A “coming soon” screen is now being broadcast on KTXH 20.3.

The Light(TV) is going out all over

The disappearance of LightTV from KRIV 26.2 is swiftly being followed by its removal from other Fox-owned stations around the country.

Fox is dropping the diginet because it was recently sold and is going to be changing names and formats in the new year.

Byron Allen’s Allen Media Group has purchased LightTV and ThisTV from MGM and is planning to transition LightTV into TheGrio.TV over MLK weekend in January.

The night the Light(TV) went out in Houston

KRIV has dropped LightTV from its 26.2 subchannel and moved Decades TV from KTXH 20.3 to 26.2.

There’s no word on what may replace Decades on 20.3

LightTV can still be viewed online.

It’s Bryan’s turn to rescan!

KBTX in Bryan/College Station has a signal that reaches into the northern and northwestern fringes of Houston from its tower in Bedias. They are also affected by the nationwide repacking of the broadcast band, and their big rescan day is Monday. The signal will move from RF 50 to RF 16.

KBTX is advising its viewers to rescan on Monday, February 10 to keep access to CBS, CW and Telemundo programs broadcast on channel 3.

Thanks to reader John D. for the tip.

KTBU moving under the Tegna umbrella

Mike McGuff reports that SBS is spinning off KTBU 55, currently running Mega TV in Spanish, to Tegna, owners of KHOU 11.

No programming plans have been announced. I wouldn’t be surprised if KTBU winds up as an ATSC 3.0 host station, though.

NextGen TV is coming!

And all you will need is brand-new equipment!

Houston has been announced as one of the first markets where NextGen TV (ATSC 3.0) will roll out later this year. The standard allows for more and higher-definition channels, better sound, and two-way capabilities. New receivers and tuners are being announced, and the new standard looks like it’s a go.

“But where?” I hear you ask? Based on the list of participating broadcasters, Univisión and Fox are the only one that owns stations in this market. My money is on Univisión being the one to roll out the first ATSC 3.0 signal because they are already simulcasting their two networks on both of their channels, Univisión on KXLN 45.1 and KFTH 67.5, and Unimás on KFTH 67.1 and KXLN 45.2.

It’s RESCAN DAY for Telemundo

Viewers who receive KTMD channel 47 over the air will need to rescan their TVs today (May 18) to continue receiving the station. As part of the repack, the station is moving from frequency 48 to frequency 22.

Si desea más información en español, está disponible en el sitio web de Telemundo.

More information in Spanish is available on Telemundo’s website.

At the time of writing, the new frequency 22 signal is activated with a test pattern on channel 47-22. If you are still seeing channels 47-1, 47-2, and 47-3 in addition to the test pattern on 47-22, the move has not been completed yet and you will need to rescan again once the old frequency 48 signal goes away.