It’s RESCAN DAY for Telemundo

Viewers who receive KTMD channel 47 over the air will need to rescan their TVs today (May 18) to continue receiving the station. As part of the repack, the station is moving from frequency 48 to frequency 22.

Si desea más información en español, está disponible en el sitio web de Telemundo.

More information in Spanish is available on Telemundo’s website.

At the time of writing, the new frequency 22 signal is activated with a test pattern on channel 47-22. If you are still seeing channels 47-1, 47-2, and 47-3 in addition to the test pattern on 47-22, the move has not been completed yet and you will need to rescan again once the old frequency 48 signal goes away.

CourtTV is in session May 8, change of venue coming in November

CourtTV started out life as a basic cable channel showing trial coverage most of the day. After parent Turner rebranded the channel as TruTV, courtroom coverage has shrunk on that channel, and a lot of the legal-related programs have surfaced on Justice TV.

Now, Katz Broadcasting, a division of E.W. Scripps, is bringing the original name and format to over-the-air television with the May 8 launch of CourtTV on digital channels nationwide.

In Houston, programming is scheduled to debut on KEHO 32.2 at launch. However, it is planned to move to KIAH 39.5 in November according to the channel’s website.

KUBE rolling down the dial Friday

It’s another RESCAN DAY this Friday. The NAB’s TVAnswers website reports that KUBE channel 57 is changing frequencies May 3, so be sure to rescan your sets.

Two RESCAN DAYS in one week!

The NAB’s website advises that KZJL moved frequencies on Monday and KUVM and KIAH moved today. So in case you didn’t rescan your TV earlier for KVQT, go ahead and do so now to keep those three stations.

But don’t relax. The BIG rescan day is coming up Friday as KTMD and KYAZ are scheduled to shift to their new broadcast frequencies.

(Edited to reflect KTMD moving. KUBE will be postponed to another date.)

KVQT moving frequencies; RESCAN DAY Monday

KVQT channel 21 is advising that it is moving frequencies Monday, April 8 at 4 p.m. They state the new signal on frequency 14 will provide better coverage in the Houston area. (It will also block out any chance of receiving KBTX from Bryan after their frequency change in the last phas of the repack.)

RESCAN DAY rescheduled for tomorrow

The rescan day for KXLN that was scheduled for earlier this week has been moved to tomorrow, Saturday, January 26.

RESCAN DAY coming on Tuesday

The first of several rescan days is coming to Houston on Tuesday, January 22. Viewers using an antenna to receive their television will need to rescan to keep access to Univision’s KXLN, channel 45.

KXLN will be changing frequencies from 45 to 30, but you will still tune to channel 45 to see Univision.

Due to the repacking of the broadcast spectrum, several stations in Houston will be changing frequencies throughout the spring and summer of this year.

The National Association of Broadcasters has set up a helpful website,, to answer questions about the repack. You can also set up an email alert to receive notification of future rescan days.

StartTv starts broadcasting on KPRC 2.4

Multicaster StartTV has joined the lineup on KPRC channel 2.4.

In markets with CBS-owned stations, StartTV replaced Decades on the multicast lineup.

MeTV announces move to KPRC

On a Facebook post earlier today, MeTV announced it is switching from KUBE 57.4 to KPRC 2.2 on May 28.

This will mean a shift for This TV, currently on 2.2. Stay tuned…

Displacement applications start to come in

The low-power stations that are being displaced by the repacking of the broadcast spectrum that starts late this year must either file for a new frequency, share with another station, or go silent.

Three of those stations have filed applications with the FCC to move to a new frequency. KEHO is filing for frequency 29, citing evidence that they feel show that the station won’t interfere in a meaningful way with full-power KITU Beaumont or KYLE Bryan-College Station.

Also filing are KHLM and KUVM-LD. However, these applications are mutually exclusive as they are both seeking frequency 10. The FCC will have to decide this one.

No applications for the other low-power stations have been filed yet.