The return of Visión Celestial

Visión Celestial was formerly seen on KVQT (21.1) but left that channel in February. They have continued to appear on Comcast channel 326, and are now back on the air on new channel KZHO-LD (38.1).

KZHO is physically on channel 39 from the top of the JPMorgan Chase Tower downtown. Their PSIP shows up as channel 38. Why? It’s all due to KIAH being on channel 38 physically but using PSIP 39. According to the ATSC standard:

If, after 17 February 2009, an RF channel previously allotted for NTSC in a market is assigned to a newly-licensed DTV licensee in that market, the newly-licensed DTV licensee shall use, as its major_channel_number, the number of the DTV RF channel originally assigned to the previous NTSC licensee of the assigned channel.

So that is why KZHO is showing up as channel 38 after a rescan.

It looks like all three subchannels are showing Spanish religious programming, branded as “Visión Celestial”.


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