The tale of two KUVMs

If you look at the Houston DTV dial, you’ll notice that there are two stations with the KUVM call letters: KUVM-LD channel 10 and KUVM-CD channel 34.

It’s a long story how this came to be.

Channel 34 started out in Victoria (that’s a rant for another day) and migrated to DeWalt, a former town that was overrun by Missouri City. They ran low-profile networks and were generally off the radar until July 1, 2007, when Pappas Telecasting disaffiliated its stations, including then-KAZH (now KUBE), from the Azteca América network. Azteca affiliated with channel 34, which changed its call letters to KUVM-CA.

Fast forward to October 2009.

Across town, low-power analog K10PY, channel 10, converted to digital (as K10PY-D). They picked up the Azteca América signal (and new call sign KUVM-LD) when channel 34 signed off its analog signal and started converting to digital.

In July 2010, channel 34 signed back on as KUVM-CD, and channel 10 moved to the Missouri City antenna complex on their new frequency of channel 40.

So now we have KUVM-LD on channel 40 but identifying as channel 10 due to the PSIP rules, and KUVM-CD on channel 34.

KUVM-LD is running color bars on 10.1, infomercials from Revenue Frontier on 10.3, and Azteca América on 10.4. They have an agreement to run Azteca until September 2012; whether that will continue after Una Vez Más’ purchase of KNWS is uncertain.

KUVM-CD has been testing Telestai, a family-oriented channel from Mexico, on 34.1. They are also running Retro TV Network on 34.2. That channel had been announced as affiliating with KNWS, but that never happened due to Johnson Broadcasting’s bankruptcy. 34.3 and 34.4 are running a static image of the station’s logo.

Both stations are owned by Mako Communications, which is a large operator of low-power stations around the country.


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  1. Una Vez Más doesn’t own them?

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