KUVM-CD had been testing Telestai on 34.1 but haven’t done so over the past few days. Currently on 34.1 is a gray screen. Also grayed out right now is Promiseland on KVQT 21.3. I don’t know if this is a technical problem or a loss of source programming.

While we’re on channel 21, I’m curious to know where the programming on 21.4 is coming from. Half the time the station runs infomercials (and they don’t start at the top or bottom of the hour, either). The other half of the time, old public domain movies fill the channel.

KHOU has been filling out the schedule of 11.2. The latest addition is a double-pump of Roseanne weeknights at 9:00 and 9:30 (pushed back to 5 and 5:30 if preempted by other programming). I would like the Belo stations to consider putting some TXCN programming on their subchannels. I realize TXCN is now mostly repackaged news from WFAA, KHOU, KENS and KVUE, but a weeknight Texas Nightly News at 6:30 would go over well.


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