Improvement on 43.5

Technical difficulty. Please stand by...South Asian TV on 43.5 must have been having opening-day jitters yesterday. Their video and audio quality have improved tremendously today. Some programs still look overcompressed, but it’s a vast improvement. They have a new slide promising new programs in the days to come. However, the ugly bug is still there at the top left of the screen. They have a nice graphic logo – they should use it as their bug.

Also back to normal is Promiseland on 21.3. They are in the middle of a pledge drive.

Vida Vision on channel 38.2 is asking for viewer reports of their signal via a crawl: “¡Bienvenidos! Estas viendo Vida Vision TV. Escucha Radio Vida Vision en vivo: musica y Palabra de Dios on line Queremos saber de Usted reporte la señal se Vida Vision TV a los telefonos local 281-741-7332 y a todo Estados Unidos y Puerto Rico al 1877-522-1540.” Translated: “Welcome! You are watching Vida Vision TV! Listen to Radio Vida Vision: music and the Word of God live online at We want to hear your report of the Vida Vision TV signal. Call local 281-741-7332 and throughout the U.S. and Puerto Rico at 1877-522-1540.” Sounds like they may have bigger plans than just Houston.


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