How about some useful TV channels?

Rather than yet another religious channel or infomercial channel, here are some channels I’d like to see pop up on a TV station here in town:

NASA TV. In the home city of the space agency, it’s a shame that the channel is only available to those who subscribe to digital cable. Bonus: They now have an HD channel.

Classic Arts Showcase. The MTV of the fine arts community, this channel showcases classical music and other fine arts.

Beach TV. Beach TV Properties operates these tourist information channels, branded as “Beach TV” in Destin, Panama City Beach, Pensacola and Myrtle Beach, “Key TV” in Key West, “NOTV” in New Orleans, and “The Atlanta Channel” in Atlanta. This would be a perfect fit for KVVV, whose licensed pattern covers Galveston Island like a glove, and would truly help Galveston’s tourist economy continue rebounding from Hurricane Ike.

An all-traffic TV channel. Houston Transtar‘s San Antonio counterpart, TransGuide, ran a low-power channel, K53JC, which cycled through TxDOT freeway cameras 24 hours a day. There’s no reason why this couldn’t be tried in Houston.

What channels would you like to see over the air?


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  1. There’s no money to be made airing NASA TV, or CAS for that matter. Since KMTP in San Francisco dropped it a while back, I don’t think anyone has carried NASA TV over the air. CAS finds a home mainly on PBS stations or independent non-commercial stations.

  2. I’d personally like to see TheCoolTV come back to Houston. Back when it was on K10PY-D, we had a poor OTA setup because we had analog cable on our main TV. I wanted to check out TheCoolTV, but our cheap rabbit ears were unable to pick up the K10PY-D signal. So, in a stroke of weirdness, I had the strange idea of connecting the bicycle pump that was in the corner next to the rabbit ears to the OTA receiver, which worked fantastically for picking up K10PY-D (though it oddly received little else well so I ended up using 2 OTA receivers). Unlike MTV or VH1, TheCoolTV actually airs music, and this station was responsible for getting me into modern pop music. I was very unhappy when it left the Houston airwaves.

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