Same channel, new name

KVQT channel 21.1 has been branded “GGAV” since its launch last year. As of last night, the station is using its new branding, “UTN” (for Urban Television Network). The programming on the channel appears unchanged so far.

Not much else is new. KZHO is still suffering from Slingbox disease, and neither Alpha Omega nor Telestai has been on for the past couple of days.

Of the big stations, KHOU made best use of its subchannel during last night’s election returns, running continuous local returns from 7 to at least 9.


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  1. The programing change was made as of wednsday. Instead of 100% Christian programming, you are now seeing r&b and rap videos. This is temporal until the OFFICIAL release of the new branding, effective Dec 1st. Upon which, you wil notice new talk shows, sitcoms, movies, community shows, and ofcourse, your favorite music videos. Check out the Hip Hop music block fridays & saturdays @ 11 or HOT TV @ 10. For more info, please email

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