This year’s most unnecessary simulcast goes to…

Daystar’s KDHU-LD, on channel 50 (RF channel 7), which is simulcasting co-owned KLTJ with single-track Daystar programming.

KDHU-LD was classified as a “digital companion station” to the old analog KDHU, channel 50. Never heard of that one? That’s because it’s licensed to Louise with a (theoretical) tower in El Campo. The digital companion station zombie-walked its way onto the Missouri City tower.

KDHU-LD is broadcasting with 300 watts of power, meaning reception is going to be difficult outside the immediate radius of the Missouri City towers. At home, my set tries to lock on but can’t manage to seize the signal. I was finally able to take my portable TV out to Missouri City and verify that it’s on the air.

Since the station is repeating KLTJ, there’s no need to do a rescan for this one, even if you could get it.

I suspect Daystar is prepping KDHU for sale. It’s useless to them otherwise since it is co-sited with KLTJ.


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  1. Actually KDHU was airing the full Daystar network schedule minus the local programming that you would see from time to time on KLTJ. Sometimes you can’t get KDHU’s signal unless it’s at night.

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