10.2, 10.4 dark once again

For the past month and a half, KUVM-LD 10.4 has shown a slate promoting the move of Azteca América to KYAZ 51.1.

That slate has been turned off, and channel 10.4 is dark.

Disregard that – the slate is back as of Saturday morning.

I’ve also noticed channel 10.2 has not shown Alpha Omega for a while. I’ve been hesitant to call that channel dark as opposed to being off air for technical reasons, but programming has been off for long enough for me to make that call.

Perhaps My Family TV will arrive on one of these channels. If I were in charge of the Mako stations, I would move RTV from 34.2’s inferior signal onto channel 10… or pick up MeTV.


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  1. Since Mako only leases out bandwidth and does not originate programming, it would be up to the company leasing 34-2 to make the call to relocate to a different Mako channel.

  2. Claud Pipkin

    Well, it’s off the air again (RTV)………One problem is they are a low power station and atmospherics can play havoc with reception………[Actually all 4 KUVM channels are gone (34.1,4.2, 34.3, 34.4) ]………
    I (actually )called Mako Communications in Corpus Christi to check if they were still broadcasting….They said they were………..Truth or not, don’t know………

    These low power stations are maddening…………

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