UTN gone from 21.1; KYAZ trimulcast down to two

Tonight, programming from UTN is no longer present on KVQT 21.1. Instead, a slate advertising Triunfo TV, a Spanish religious channel, is on that channel.

There’s nothing on UTN’s web page or Twitter stream indicating that anything’s wrong. I’ll keep you posted if I hear anything.

Another change: One of KYAZ’s three subchannels that was airing Azteca América programming has stopped the simulcast. 51.2 is now airing English infomercials. 51.1 and 51.4 remain on Azteca.


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  1. Alot of shady stuff was going on over at UTN for awhile. The owner never paid ANY of the employees (even producers and the 1 engineer they had) and the sales people weren’t receiving their commission checks. and eventually after they moved into the larger facility, they quickly realized they couldn’t afford to stay on air. talk about piss poor management. I guess all things considered, they should’ve lived within their means, had a small office and not tried to broadcast in areas like Beaumont and lake Charles when there was no revenue coming in from those channels. Like Hitler and Napoleon, even though the ability to take over was there, they simply spread themselves to thin.

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