Me-TV coming to Houston?

Weigel Broadcasting’s Me-TV classic TV network has announced deals with a number of station groups around the country: Hearst Television, Raycom Media, Cox Television, Newport Television, Media General, Capitol Broadcasting, Bahakel Communications, Gray Television, Quincy Newspapers, New Age Media, MPS Media, London Broadcasting Group, Bonten Media Group, and Titan Broadcast Management. Of these groups, only Titan has a connection to Houston, as they operate KUBE.

So I checked Me-TV’s national web site and they list KTBU, not KUBE, as their Houston affiliate. I have to wonder about this, since all of KTBU’s subchannels are being programmed right now.

My conclusion: It’s possible that we’ll be seeing another classic TV subchannel soon. I have learned not to believe anything until it shows up on the dial.

(Update: Me-TV’s website has been updated, and KUBE is in fact going to be the Me-TV station.)


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  1. I’m wondering if they’re going to put MeTV on 55-1.

  2. ME-TV’s website has been updated: it’s KUBE – coming soon!

  3. More KUBE:

    The PegasusTV – Channel 57.4 broadcast of the
    Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo in Houston is now concluded.

    Regular network programming in Houston will begin on April 15th.

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