Crank ’em up! 5 new subchannels turned on today

Wow, it’s certainly a busy day on the TV front as five new subchannels have been activated today.

KHLM has turned on 43.6, 43.7 and 43.8. All three channels are airing the same Spanish infomercials.

KUVM-CD and KUVM-LD are testing the same program on 10.1 and 34.1, “GBC World News“. Mike McGuff reported on GBC a few months ago; at that time their plan was to go nationwide on DirecTV.


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  1. Hey mike i thought stations were only allowed 6 subchannels… lps are allowed more?

    • There’s no legal limit to the number of subchannels for either full-power or low-power stations. KAXT-CA in Santa Clara, CA has 15 subchannels (although 3 are audio-only).

  2. Meant to say Joe

  3. More Spanish infomercials? Bad enough having info ads, but Spanish info ads? Hahahahaha.
    Channel 34… The channel(s) most of Houston doesn’t even know about. GBC World news is doomed to fail if this is the best they could do for a sub-channel.

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