Me-TV is on the air!

Today, KUBE has turned on the MeTV signal on channel 57.5. The signal looks pretty good, not overly compressed.

Here‘s a look at their schedule.


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  1. Very clear reception in Galveston! This network is a real gem!

    • I’m trying to locate Me TV. My aunt has it with her cable provider in a small town and was wondering if Direct TV offers it.

      Can you tell me if we get that channel here in Houston and where it is?

      Thank you!

      Cheryl H.

  2. i love watchin rawhide, i’d be happy with antenna if only i could get The Country Network out here in the boonies i got it for a whole week and then nothing :-[

  3. Well it’s Friday, 9/2/11, and the channel seems to be off the air. I love all the old shows and I am missing Petticoat Junction and My Three Sons right now. What happened?

  4. Ditto that. It’s been out the past 12 hours. Missing Gunsmoke as we speak!

  5. I have no doubt that the older folks are loving going down memory lane with “Me TV”; it’s a “breath of fresh air”, it’s nice having decent TV on again with shows having high moral standards AND without the perverted shows that have no character and much too much vulgar sex found on many other stations. I don’t even care if some of them are in black & white, it’s just wonderful “clean” TV that lifts the spirit..

  6. We enjoy watchung your channel every night, however on monday night we had to rescan our tv 3 times in 1/2 hour and we missed alot of the programs. Our phone nunber is (redacted). thank you! Barb Fogarty

  7. I’d like to know where your antenna is located. And what your power is? Could air traffic interfere with your signal? Zip 77021 Houston Texas

  8. Dear METV, on the west side of Houston getting no receptionn using antennae. HELP

  9. We haven’t been able to get ME TV for 2 days–is it off?

  10. didn’t know that–is it recent? Thanks–will try that!

  11. Thank you for Me-TV!!!

  12. Richard Franco

    Is 57.4 having trouble again? My wife and I haven’t been able to get it for about a week or two.

  13. Richard Franco

    In answer to your question, yes, I am seeing the other subchannels. Retuning either of 2 converters that were getting 57.4 before on 2 TVs or realigning an antenna has had no effect. I’m in the 77354 area; and I was getting the channel very well on one set but not the other due to the location of our house in the woods.

  14. paulette metoyer

    Today I turn on me TV it wasn’t on June 7,2014 but the TV listing is showing what happen

  15. every day at this time, 12:40 pm -12:45 pm your signal disappears from my tv in the middle of Gunsmoke. Why???

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