KTBU sale approved by FCC

The sale of KTBU, channel 55, to Spanish Broadcasting Systems has been approved by the FCC.

There’s still no word of when the new owner will flip the signal to its MegaTV network.


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  1. Here’s hoping that the new owners leave CCTV on 55.6 alone. While it clearly can act as a propaganda tool of the Chinese Communist Party (and not very subtle when it does), it can also be a pretty good source for international and Asian news.

  2. Yes, I also hope CCTV remains. Their coverage of the Japan earthquake and tsunami was pretty good. I also watch on occasion for world economic news and related content. A far cry better than BizTV. I hide BizTV from the available channels.

  3. Screw that they need take that spanish crap off I want my 55 channel back were the hell am I going to watch Star Trek and movies. Where did they say on the channel that they were saling out that screw up half the dam channels I autoscan is spanish dam I speak spanish daily I don’t need to watch it. I want my 55 back.

  4. suzycreamcheese

    I dont speak or understand Spanish nor is there any reason I should. Thanks for nothing…55 was one of the few channels I like.

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