CCTV switch on 55.6?

Thanks to Gerry for the tip that KTBU 55.6 has switched from the English-language CCTV News channel to the Chinese-language CCTV-4. I’ve reached out to WCETV, which leases the channel, to ask whether this is a permanent change.


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  1. Well. whatever the reason for the switchout, it’s now over. CCTV News is back on 55.6.

  2. What happens the CCTV ON 55.6? We have lost it yesterday February 20 2014 and today February 21, 2014. Are they down or switch to other channel?

  3. I can’t find it on the airways in 2017. It’s still listed on TitanTV. Will it be back?

    • Since Jan 1st 2017, the CCTV on channel 55.2 has disappeared over rided by Mexican station channel 55.1. I thought it moves to channel 55.6, which also is over rided by other Vietnamise tv station.

      So, when it will come back? And where channel if it come back. Appreciate if you could let us know. We enjoy watching CCTV which has a lot of interested programs than other tv channels.

      Thank you,

  4. The Vietnamese channels of 55.1 through 55.7 were disappeared.
    How’s to fix them???
    Lisa Le

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