New Vietnamese channel coming to 51.2

The infomercials airing on KYAZ 51.2 have now been replaced by a Vietnamese-language channel.

Vietface TV Houston is testing, and this message is airing during the test:

Quý vị đang theo dỏi chương trình thủ nghiệm Vietface TV Houston sè chính thức phát hình vào một ngày gần đây. Mọi chi tiết xin liên lạc 713-469-9000

Which Google tells me more or less means:

You are watching a test broadcast. Vietface Houston TV will be broadcasting soon. For more information please contact 713-469-9000

Vietface TV will be Houston’s fourth Vietnamese-language channel.


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  1. What are the 4 vietnamese channels? I know know of 3 now, could you tell me the forth.

    51.2 Vietface TV
    55.2 VanTV
    57.3 BYTV

  2. when I rescanned my tv’s at home yesterday all of them show additional sub channels 49’s 49.4- .8 I thought maybe it was my antenna but at work I decided to rescan there too and the same thing and the Channel list names them as AirTV1-3 and AirTV30 was wondering if that has happened with your tv’s

  3. There are now 5 Vietnamese channels in Houston. All these channels can be picked up Over The Air (Antenna). :
    51.2 VF-TV (Viet Face TV)
    51.3 SGN-TV (Saigon TV)
    51.5 Global TV
    55.2 Van-TV
    57.3 BYN

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