AirBox channels now transmitted over Ion stations

Edit: Airbox has announced its packages and pricing.

The other day, Aeroducks posted that they had seen a list of a number of odd subchannels on KPXB channel 49:

I see on Titan TV Guide new stations listed……….Apparantly ION related……..Listed as 49.100 thru 49.501………….Rescanned but still not there………..

Interestingly 49.400 is Starz, as in movies………..

Trip Ericson has the answer to what is going on: a new subscription service called AirBox is transmitting several scrambled and unscrambled streams on subchannels of Ion stations nationwide. These streams are in MPEG4 format, so your current set won’t be able to decode them, even if your set can lock onto the subchannel.

The channels included are:
100 – Air Box 100
200 – TeleFormula
201 – CineMexicano
202 – LTNvela
203 – VideoRola
204 – Sorpresa
300 – Gol TV
400 – Starz
500 – qubo2, an unencrypted simulcast of qubo
501 – Life2, an unencrypted simulcast of IonLife

A domain for Airbox has been set up but is still showing a GoDaddy placeholder. Stay tuned…

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  1. Well, if you can’t access these MPEG4 format transmissions what’s the use of having them????……How can anyone access them?????????

    Makes absolutely no sense……….

  2. They’re probably ramping up for a soft launch to be followed by starting equipment sales at some point soon.

  3. You have to buy their Airbox to access.

  4. estoy escuchando el comercial y es nuevo por 10 dollars al mes puedo tener acceso a los canales pero no se cuantos y cuales son.

  5. Israel: Por favor, ver mi blog más adelante para mas detailles.

  6. santos lopez

    hola quisiera saber donde puedo comprar elreceptor

  7. Cuanto cuesta el equipo y donde lo puedo comprar

  8. Cuanto cuesta y donde lo puedo comprar

  9. All the information can be found at

  10. i need u number 4 more info

  11. or facebook me or call me

  12. como puedo obtener sus serbicios.

  13. What exactly does the airbox entail and how is it different from a regular converter box?

    • From what I understand, the Airbox will convert standard digital broadcasts as well as the MPEG-4 encrypted Airbox channels. I haven’t tested the box myself to answer that for sure.

  14. When are you plaining to add other channels. Like discovery channels or entretainment

  15. Maria Longoria

    How do we get the air box for our location? Please let me know.

  16. Bob Stormbolt

    So let’s get busy and HACK it!

  17. Does this new recievier get any cartoons for the kids? let me know. plz n thanx.

  18. steven blount

    Send info please

  19. If the website doesn’t work try giving us a call (18559247269), we would love to answer any questions you might have about the Airbox, Usually the website will work if your in Houston. Some computers might not. But we are a wonderful option to saving money and not loosing everything your cable service might offer!

  20. A strange and odd service.

    The flow of logic on the Ion/AirBox web sites is/are not complete.

    Many statements that leave one hanging.


    As an example and not the only example.

    The service is Nation Wide??

    But only available in Houston Texas??


    As an example and not the only example.

    Starz and Showtime.

    The 2 movie services seem iffy to me , in as much as , I do not get a real firm feeling that the 2 movie services are really available.

    I get a feeling that is some kind of catch or trick.

    The catch/trick situation/feeling is a over all concern about the Ion/Air Box situation.

  21. my grandmother wants to get one, but she wants to know if she can watch her favorite chanels like the ID channel scifi channel etc. I would like to know will it be easy for an elder to understand how it works?

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