KYAZ puts more Asian programming on

The anticipated move of Biz Television to KYAZ 51.5 looks like it is not going to happen. Today KYAZ turned on channel 51.5, but instead of Biz Television, it is showing a Vietnamese channel called “Global TV“.

I have reached out to Biz Television to get their reaction. Meanwhile, Biz Television can still be seen via their web stream.

Thanks to Aeroducks for the tip.


Posted on December 2, 2011, in Up and Down the Dial and tagged . Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. ch.28 is now Mi Musica a spanish and english music video ch. 28.2 color bars 28.3 says Keys TV

  2. I was told (via email from Biztv) that they were supposed to be on 51.6 later that week…..Well, that didn’t happen either………..I have concluded that kyaz is not a reliable group…………..

    Sunday we lost PegasusTV (that was on 57.4)………………MeTV on 57.5 moved to 57.4……….
    No idea what happened there…………Programming was so-so to the average viewer but they did show some great old western movies…….and 50’s tv westerns……..

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