Missing Me-TV? It’s moved.

I realize I buried this news earlier when I talked about Pegasus TV leaving KUBE 57.4. My site stats tell me a lot of people wonder what happened to Me-TV on 57.5. Quick answer: It moved down to 57.4 when Pegasus left the air.


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  1. Why bother? The reception on this channel gets worse every day. Also, 2.2 THIS and 39.2 ANTTV
    don’t work nearly as well as they used to. RTV 34.2 works much better than it used to, but with the
    new schedule, there isn’t much to see. I sincerely wish I had bought dvd sets instead of spending money for this ridiculous mess. In general, diigtal tv worked much better during transition, but then of course there wasn’t anything on.

  2. Still on 57.5 for me. Channel 39.3(Universal Sports) went off the air midnight Jan. 1st. As for my reception for digital channels, it’s never been better. Haven’t had to touch the rabbit ears(with separate amp) for quite some time now. Now if only RTV could find a high power station home, that would give 18 channels to watch out of the 70 something that’s on the air(hahahaha).

  3. Well, we lost Universal Sports 39.3 as of Jan 01 (2012)…..Going to cable…???????……..
    Question….Is there some greater financial benefits on cable?? ……Are the airways owners being abusive to these stations………???????????????

    Still no BizTV…………However, both BizTV and PegasusTV can be seen online……..

  4. Olympics coming up and Comcast(which has a 51% share in NBC Universal) apparently sees a way to make some bucks and new subscribers come this summer. Will Universal Sports go in the exclusive Comcast sports tier? Oh, did I mention Comcast raised a lot of rates starting Jan. 1st? Somebody’s gotta pay for the merger. I’ll be downgrading from Blast! internet.

  5. Yea bummer losing Universal Sports, but then I was disappointed with their Olympic coverage (or lack thereof) last year. No cable where I live and I’m not about to pay for satellite just to get it.

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