AirBox packages announced

The over-the-air subscription service AirBox, broadcasting over subchannels of Ion stations across the nation, has turned on its website with details of its two packages.

Paquete Latino, for $10 a month, is the basic service level with five channels: TeleFórmula, Cine Méxicano, Pasiones, Sorpresa and GolTV.

Starz can be added for an additional $10 monthly.

The AirBox receivers retail for $99. The website lists a number of locations around Houston where the boxes will be available.

Here is a scan of the Airbox flyer.


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  1. All I see is “COMING SOON.”

  2. I am interesting on this type of service i wondering to know if you have other pakage like sport pakage and where can i find this service

  3. Where can i find these service

  4. The only information I have is what is on AirBox’s website. I understand that some people may be having trouble connecting to AirBox’s website. I got a copy of the AirBox flyer from my nearest retailer (the Fiesta at Gessner and Bellaire) and I’ll be posting a copy of that flyer later. The only package available is the one with the five channels listed; Starz is available for $10 extra per month.

  5. How many chennels is on the airbox

  6. I found this site because I have been trying to find what these channels are for over a year, they have changed in the last 6 months or so, I live in the Tampa fl area and I found these channels on my guide:
    66.82 GranCin
    66.85 NFL
    66.87 GolTV
    66.88 RedZone
    66.90 Starz
    66.96 Airbox

  7. bigger anteena and more channels u get i love free channels,save u money$$$$$

  8. My husband and I were just wanting to know what channels will be available and also is this just for Spanish speaking people? I ask that because when I look that up it shows me only Spanish channels. Thank you for your time and hope to hear back from you soon!

    ~William & Nicole Hegemeyer~

  9. Does the Starz channel show the show Power as well as movies? Or movies only?

  10. please i need clips for airbox are you have

  11. Can I get football stations?

  12. Is airbox available in Arlington Texas

  13. What other channels would be on the box,? Is staz the only movie channels for the box?

  14. Is it going to ever come to Blytheville Arkansas

  15. madeline scocco

    I see it is offered in Phx, AZ, I live in a suberge of Phx, I live about 30 miles east of PHX… Mesa AZ… will it work .. also I have an antenia on my roof, will that work? thank you

  16. madeline scocco

    I live 35 east of Phoenix, in Mesa, AZ.. will this product work ? also will my roof antenia work w/this product… love the idea of saving money… thanks

  17. I not Spanish. Not sure. Airbox is right for me. I am. History. Channel and Discovery. Channel. Wife likes Philippines channels . And. Vetman channels. Can you offer. This in. Dallas/Ft.Worth. Texas. It Asian community. About. 34,000. Asian are in Dallas Arlington. Ft. Worth. Area. Thanks. Mr. James. Arlington Texas.

  18. OK here it is…. The commercial advertises that as long as you have antenna connection then you have the correct set up for the Air box… No problem…. My question is do you have to still keep adjusting and readjusting your antenna when the wave signals change???

  19. it sucks the some movie ben playing 4 last 6 months over an over agin

  20. Skip air box services (I wasted $20 a month) silly!
    Dont waste your money!

  21. What channels do i get with t he premium package whit the Airbox DVR, and how much will it cost?

  22. Richard spencer

    I have a gematic box I wona order paypal to be taken out around the 3rd

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