No PSIP label? No viewers on TiVo

I came across a problem with over-the-air stations and TiVo. KHLM is no longer providing a PSIP label for its stations on channel 43, and it appears that without that label, TiVo boxes cannot tune in those stations.

Here is a screen shot of that issue.

I phoned KHLM’s engineering department, and they didn’t seem interested in resolving the issue, saying only that as a low-power station they are not required to label their channels.

If you’re having this problem as well, let me and the station know.


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  1. They might find if they actually check the regulations that they are required to do static PSIP but not dynamic PSIP. Dynamic PSIP is guide data, so guess what static PSIP is.

  2. I don’t use Tivo, but I don’t like it when there is data supplied to tell me what the show is. So I keep changing the channel hoping to find something better to watch.

  3. it looks like they’ve move LaTV and got rid of immigrante TV and added another Vietnamese channel on the 55s

  4. Pegaproductions

    So you can’t see the programming ? From any of the 8 channels
    Can you see the call letters on your TV?
    How this affect your reception.? I can see the label on all of them 43.1 To 43.8

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