KUVM-CD files for major coverage gain

Mako’s KUVM-CD, channel 34, has an application in to the FCC for a major increase in its service area. The station’s current coverage area focuses on Houston’s west side. The proposed new coverage area is planned to add new coverage for the Pearland, Alvin, Pasadena and League City areas.

The station is currently only airing RTV.


Posted on June 4, 2012, in Up and Down the Dial and tagged . Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. The FCC needs to change the way coverage area is determined if you ask me. Should be measured by what you can receive on rabbit ears with a mild amplifier. Realistically 34’s coverage area is only a third of the official current coverage area by rabbit ear standard.

  2. I’m in Sugar Land using rabbit ears and get nothing on channel 34.

  3. Lane MacFarlane

    Well, looks like KUVM finished the upgrade, I’m receiving them now in Clear Lake, Winegard HD-7697P at 20 feet AGL, 80% signal reported by Kaffeine using a Hauppage USB tuner stick…not even a whiff of signal before last week. RTV, woo hoo!

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