MundoFox is on the air; KUVM-CD trims subchannels to make room

Fox’s new Hispanic-oriented network, MundoFox, is now on the air on KUVM-CD channel 34.1. There’s no word about cable carriage of this channel yet.

To make room for the high-definition broadcast of MundoFox, KUVM-CD has cut back its standard-definition subchannels. RTV remains on 34.2, and religious channel A.M.E.N. remains on 34.5.


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  1. What’s going on on the 10s? I hope something instead of more religious stuff!

  2. The reception is very bad on this channel for this channel but there is a new spanish network on 28.8 is called Teleromantica and I have seen it 24 hours a day. Do you know anything about it?

    • I have seen it too and that is a new kind of spanish television very much like Lifetime that is designed for female audience, not like channel 61 that only show naked ladies this channel is made for latin american ladies and it’s local the channel will start airing local stuff. I made a call to the owners and they said that in a couple of weeks they will show more Houston local programs.

  3. I don’t get why ch 26 wouldn’t of added this just makes more sense to me

  4. I can’t get these channels here in Bellville, must be a really weak signal.

  5. Greetings from Multimedios Houston, channel 43.1 a spanish oriented programming live all day long. With weather and news from Houston.
    We are located on 5633 Richmond Ave. Near the Galleria area
    We also have Altavision channel 43.6 is a spanish entertainment channel
    And MilenioTv channel 43.7 a 24/7 News channel from México

  6. can’t see Mundo Fox in Houston! When does it start?

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