Mi Casa takes a step down to 21.7

Mi Casa Broadcasting announced today that it’s moving down the dial from its current slot on KTBU 55.4 to low-power KVQT 21.7.

The channel tweeted earlier today: “It’s official, The MCB Network will be making a dial switch to KVQT 21.7 on September 1st! Broadcasting will begin immediately in the next few days and more distribution announcements will be made at a later time.”

At the time of this post, 21.7 is showing a different program than 55.4, so “immediately in a few days” is looking closer to “in a few days”.

On its face, a move from full-power KTBU to low-power KVQT can’t be a good move for MCB.


Posted on August 27, 2012, in Up and Down the Dial. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. That’s too bad, I liked a couple of their shows and I can’t get those low powered channels. Still they don’t seem to stick to a schedule so it was hard to follow. Adios Mi Casa.

  2. Step down is an understatement. Now I can’t see it at all. More like it left the building.

  3. wow that’s sad. they have to deal with the instability of 21.

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