KUGB sold again; more general entertainment channels to come?

Channel 28, KUGB, was sold early last year to Sugar Land city councilman Thomas Abraham. The new owner upgraded the channel to multicasting, and switched format from Spanish general entertainment to religious programming.

Today it was announced by the FCC that Abraham has filed the paperwork to sell the station to Fairfax, Virginia-based OTA Broadcasting LLC. OTA, whose general partner is an investment firm owned by Dell Computer founder Michael Dell, owns four other stations: KVOS in Bellingham, Washington; KFFV in Seattle, Washington; KTLN in Novato, California (reaching the San Francisco market), and WEBR-CD in New York City.

The other OTA stations air a variety of subchannels. KVOS is the Me-TV affiliate for Seattle on 12.1, and airs TheCoolTV on 12.2. KFFV airs infomercials on 44.1, Azteca América on 44.2; ICN (Chinese) on 44.3; and Untamed Sports TV on 44.4. KTLN airs Total Living Network on 47.1; infomercials on 47.2; and SonLife on 47.3. WEBR features Global Christian Network on 17.1 and Korean radio on 17.4.

The sale price is $2.3 million, a good return on the $850,000 Abraham paid for the station.

OTA hasn’t announced its plans for channel 28, but it’s possible that more general-entertainment channels may be headed our way.


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  1. The Chinese stations are more entertaining than the religious channels! Please! …anything but! I guess the station can take advantage of the “tax free” aspect of religious programming until they sell the stations. …what a waste of air…

  2. Let’s at least hope we get something new and not more of the same.

  3. I just heard that TheCOOLTV music channel is returning to Houston…via KUVM:


    Feel free to take a look…


  4. Hey, that AMEN TV on 28.3 is really interesting can you find out more about it?

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