TheCoolTV now on 34.2, RTV on 34.3

Thanks to Eman for the tip… KUVM-CD has picked up music video channel TheCoolTV and added it to channel 34.2.

Fans of RTV can now find it on channel 34.3.

Edit: I typoed the channel number last night. Apologies to those who went looking for RTV on 43.3.)


Posted on December 2, 2012, in Rescan Alert!, Up and Down the Dial and tagged . Bookmark the permalink. 6 Comments.

  1. Don’t forget to update “The Houston DTV Dial” page (

  2. Thanks for the hat tip, @Gridlock.Joe–so far, KUVM’s signal works perfect from my home [I’m in the North Shore/Channelview area]


  3. How close do you have to be to the transmitter towers to pick up KUVM? I have a fairly large outdoor antenna, with a CM-7777 pre-amplifier, and I have never been able to pick up the channel. I live in Humble, btw.

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