KUBE off the air due to fire

KUBE just posted to its Facebook page: “We are currently off the air due to a fire in our building, no injuries and we’re working to have everything up and running in a few hours.”

And they are back on the air this morning.


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  1. Cynthia DuBose

    In Houston area, 57.4 has a picture no voice. 57.5 has 57.4 voice but 57.5 picture. And I thought my television was broken, bought a new one just to find out I still can’t get it. Please fix this. I’ve waited all year for the Christmas movies.

    • All KUBE subchannels are working fine for me.

      • Darlene Behn

        I am in the same boat your in, channels that is there no picture or voice. Error message: Digital Channel Signal Strength is Low. I just switched to antenna television in March, it’s amazing the beautiful digital pictures. I do not want too go back to cable, television, hopefully this will be fixed soon to watch television more freely.

  2. Cynthia DuBose

    Yeah!!! They are up and running! Christmas Movie Marathon can begin.

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