Could KTXH be jumping into the subchannel business?

Earlier in the year I posted about Weigel Broadcasting’s new subchannel “Movies”. At that time it was reported that the channel would be coming to a subchannel of KRIV channel 26.

Now there’s a hint that KTXH may be picking up “Movies!” and another digital channel.

The TitanTV listing site is now showing a channel 20.2 with “Movie Channel Coming Soon” in the grid. They’re also showing MundoFox, currently on KUVM-CD channel 34.1, on channel 20.3.

That last could be a mistake on TitanTV’s part, or it could reflect a recognition on Fox’s part that being on a low-power station in such a large market is a detriment to MundoFox.

Either way, keep your eyes on KTXH in the weeks to come.


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  1. Subchannels 20.2 and 20.3 are now on the air. 20.2 has just identification for now and supposedly MundoFox is on 20.3.

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