New African-American channel launching on 15.5

Afrocentric Television Network, using the vanity call sign “KANT-TV”, is running test transmissions over KVVV channel 15.5.

The new channel takes the place of the former tenant, Distinction TV.


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  1. GMD Electronics

    Box was in good shape.


    Melinda Dingley

    GMD Electronics

    909 Michael St.

    Alvin, TX 77511



    I have been trying to pick up KVVV from Atascocita, in Humble, and I am not having any luck. According to Tvfool, I should be getting KVVV with approximately the same signal strength as KHLM, channel 43. I can pick up 43 just fine, but I do not even get a blip on channel 15. Any suggestions?

    • It’s possible they’re running lower power than they’re licensed for. Ordinarily at that distance I would be skeptical if getting any of the low powers.

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