KFTH to get “GetTV” movie channel in fall

Classic movie channels are the fastest growing genre of digital TV subchannels. Now Sony Pictures Television is launching a new channel called GetTV, and Univision will be partnering in the launch in 24 markets, including Houston.

Expect GetTV to launch on KFTH channel 67.2 this fall.

Update: GetTV has announced February 3, 2014 as its start date.


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  1. Michael Bludworth

    So, this will be in Spanish since it’s Univision? What good is that?

  2. Yay! Another strong signal sub-channel to add. Movies, movies and more movies.

  3. recently found this blog, great stuff!

  4. GetTV Coming October 2013???

  5. October will turn out to be November. No GetTV listings for 67.2 on TitanTV guide thru 10/28. I want my GetTV!!! And money for nothin’ and chicks for free.

  6. Not their site just says ‘Coming Soon’ rather than Coming October 2013.

  7. Website got a minor upgrade. I think things are starting to roll now.

  8. So, here it is the middle of December, and still no GET-TV. Here in San Francisco, they’ve been running the same half-a-dozen movies since late July. Get-TV is owned by Sony Pictures, who had several big-budget movie flops over the summer, most notabably the Will & Jaden Smith disater “After Earth” on which they lost millions. The studio is over $180mil in the red and is shedding staff faster than a cat sheds fleas. So I’m guessing getting GET-TV operating is not exactly high on their priority list right now. Even the GET-TV website has more or less disappeared, except for a home page with a buncha links that don’t go anywhere.

  9. GetTV coming February 3rd.

  10. Judging by what’s being listed on TitanTV guide, GetTV is gonna be showing the same small lineup of older movies over and over and over and over again. Here’s hoping that’s not the case on the official February 3rd launch date.

  11. Bad “channel signal strength is sow all day long. Not good if you can’t watch a picture or movie. Sometimes can’t get a picture at all, signal does not come in. Please fix this.

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