KUBE gets Cozi with classic TV; KFTB goes dark

NBC Universal’s classic TV channel Cozi TV has found a Houston home on KUBE 57.5. The channel was launched earlier this year on NBC-owned stations, expanding to other groups such as London Broadcasting’s KCEN in Waco, KAGS in Bryan-College Station, and others.

Some TV listing services had shown 57.5 to be affiliated with the “Soul of the South” network that is scheduled to launch on Memorial Day.

Cozi TV is currently being shown in “squish-o-vision”, indicating a misconfiguration of the encoder.

In channel disappearances, the Fort Bend-focused “KFTB” airing on KVVV 15.6 appears to have folded up shop as quickly and quietly as it began. The channel now shows a “for lease” screen.


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  1. Cozi TV is available on London’s KBMT here in Beaumont as well…

  2. Why could they not have picked 39.3? Channel 57 is frequently a problem child with rabbit ears. The closer the rabbit ears are to the TV, the less reliable the signal is regarding this frequency range. It’s a somewhat known technical issue between rabbit ears and HDTV’s, and made worse being that you don’t have a picture at all with digital TV concerning lousy reception. This is a mistake on Comcast NBC Universal’s part, IMO. Channel 39 is a strong, and I mean STRONG signal channel. Oh well, anyway, the channel is still a welcomed addition.

  3. BTW, I made a complaint to Bounce TV concerning their ‘squish-o-vision’. hehe… squish-o-vision. Funny. I suggest others here doing the same. Don’t know what Cozi TV’s excuse is.

  4. Found a solution to ‘squish-o-vision’ on my Sony Bravia. I enabled the ‘Auto Wide’ feature in ‘Screen’ settings menu. Now all standard def broadcasts are normal in appearance and the ‘squish-o-vision’ stations will appear in full widescreen format when a letterbox movie is showing. The ‘squish-o-vision’ was a brilliant move to accommodate for letterbox movies, come to think of it. Old standard def TV shows will also be just a touch larger in screen size as well, with no ill effects.
    I contacted Bounce TV again and told them to disregard my complaint and keep the ‘squish-o-vision’. Others outside of Cozi, Bounce and The Movies! channel would do well to follow suit.

  5. I emailed the KUBE and they responded that Cozi TV will be added to Comcast any day now. Comcast had indicated a July start date.

  6. No new posts in a while. I’m trying to figure out what happened to Qubo, appears to have moved to 46.2 but my scan won’t pick it up.

  7. Airbox has added new channels including Showtime. Please update you channel listing

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