Where oh where has my Qubo gone?

Viewers may have noticed recently that KPXB channel 49 has lost its subchannels. Main ION programming remains on channel 49.1, but Qubo, ION Life and infomercials disappeared from 49.2 through 49.4.

KPXB also carries the Airbox subscription service. To make room for more bandwidth for Airbox, the ION subchannels have moved down the dial to low-power sister station KBPX-LD, channel 46. This will make these channels harder to receive in most of the area, since KBPX’s signal doesn’t reach as far as KPXB’s.

You’ll now find Qubo on 46.2, ION Life on 46.3, ION Shop on 46.4, QVC on 46.5, and HSN on 46.6.


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  1. Moving Qubo to the Channel 46 tower effectively puts Qubo OUT of transmission power range of me, unlike the Channel 49 tower. Thanks a heap!

  2. KBPX has moved QUBO from its Channel 49 tower, which was within my area, to its Channel 46 tower, which either due to signal strength or location is NOT within reach of me. Thanks a heap!

  3. So all the little kids lose out to Airbox?! That’s just mean.

  4. Airbox TV sounds like a real bad deal for English speakers.. First it pretty much eliminated a couple of real nice free tv channels when they were relocated to a low power frequency. Next, the encrypted new pay channels are half spanish! How is this even possible? I thought the public airwaves needed to be free? What service is being offered by the carrier in exchange for getting public frequencies? Does the lone ion channel on 49 fulfill this requirement?

  5. Mike if you look at the new lineup most of the new channels we added are english channels. Premium movie channels, Almost every channel in the lineup is english. You can call us for more information on the Airbox. We will be glad to answer any unanswered questions you might have about the service. (1877-9AIRBOX) (1877-924-7269)

  6. Lance, when I posted the lower cost PKG was pretty much all spanish. Premium movie channels in English were the more expensive pkg. News and sports? those were Spanish. I am glad to see some advertising for Airbox now, I hope it works out.

  7. used to get full program guide. please introduce program plus description for qubo over the air channel 46.2 houston 77020. also was very dificult contacting you. i am not computer literate. david gonzalez 713 674 9347.

  8. It’s getting worse then you think see here in Lafayette, LA over the opection of parents it was removed by all 4 of our Fiber Optic TV provers for MLB Network in HD.

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