Cozi gets cozy with KTMD; KUBE picks up The Works

A slight channel shift today moves NBCUniversal-owned classic TV broadcaster Cozi TV to its sister NBCU property, Telemundo O&O KTMD. Cozi has landed on channel 47.3, previously home to a time-shifted standard definition broadcast of Telemundo.

The vacancy left by Cozi on KUBE 57.5 has been filled by a new channel called “The Works”. This channel appears to be showing older films, mainly from the MGM library, and is on the air in several larger markets, including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Boston so far.


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  1. More appropriate name for this new channel is ‘The Worst’. Very small vault of B-rated movies from what I can tell at Titan TV guide.

  2. Cozi’s picture on it’s new sub-channel is too stretched sideways. Looks overall a bit odd. Was better when it was on 57.5. Doubt they’ll ever fix that. Bounce TV and The Movies! channel got it right for 16:9 broadcast.

  3. SmilingBob

    Thanks for the update, I simply thought the channel had been deleted/replaced until I saw the blog entry.

  4. This channel sucks now!!

    • Yes, I couldn’t agree more. The most awful small selection of movies one could ever dig up. I’d rather watch infomercials than this crap. Only reason to watch this stuff is to learn how NOT to make a film.

    • Have removed 57.5 from my tuner. It was one of my most watched stations. Very happy to find out (today) that COZI is still available.

  5. Is it just my tuner, or is COZI on 47.3 a weaker signal? Same thing with the current 57.5 (The Works). Actually, even MeTv seems weaker lately. I’ve given up on GetTv. 😦

    • Had same channel 57 signal issues for a week, getting so bad I could not receive anymore. Back to normal as I type this. I did contact them via form submission on Saturday about their signal problem.

      As for Cozi, signal is fine here. They do have their picture format messed up though. Stretched waaaaay too wide. Was proportional when it was on channel 57.5, not so on the new channel placement. I contacted Cozi about the this issue on the new channel but doubt who ever reads it has a clue as to what I’m even referring to. Doubt it will get fixed.

  6. Thanks, Brian. 57.4 is still breaking up here & there, but not as much as it was. The others are still bad. We have an antenna in the attic (came with the house, we got Waxahachie when we moved in!), so we should get most, if not all, in. Thinking it may be my tuner, not sure how old it is – it was given to me by a friend who had had it for a few years. Ah, well – still beats paying for satellite or cable & STILL not getting much!

  7. Looks like The Works happened across a trash can full of more bad movies.

  8. I wonder when Cozi will be added to Comcast since Comcast, Cozi and Univision are all owned by NBC. I’m surprised it’s not on Comcast now!

  9. At 11:15 A.m. you have no sound on Channel 47.3 it’s been going on for quite some time I decided to go ahead and post to let you know

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