Live Well Network won’t live much longer

Enjoy Steven & Chris while you can. ABC has announced plans to discontinue the Live Well network, which airs on ABC O&O KTRK channels 13.2 and 13.3. The network hasn’t disclosed plans for what will take Live Well’s place on its stations after the mid-January closure.

(h/t Mike McGuff)


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  1. Never watched it and the wife quickly got tired of the same old stuff over and over and over again. Comparable to Ion Life, which hasn’t been missed either.

  2. OT: @Gridlock.Joe–it looks like both Escape and Grit channels will be launching next Monday [8/18]!


    …and Soul Of The South, is now on KUVM-LD 10.1!

    Just so that you know…


  3. Escape and Grit both recently started airing, but they both are “stretched,” even when setting the TV to 4:3 aspect ratio. Commercials look normal, anyone know what gives?

  4. Way stretched for me also. Setting the Sony TV to ‘Zoom’ (with vertical -2 size adjustment) corrects the problem for those two channels and also increases Get TV’s picture size proportionally. Other standard 4:3 broadcasts I might set to ‘Wide Zoom’ (with vertical +4 size adjustment also) for shows that look letterbox, standard TV size, like on PBS 8.2.

  5. Well, have seen now that it depends on the movie on whether or not I get a proportional zoomed in picture or not. Apparently Grit and Escape are being left to amateurs to do the broadcasting. Disappointed and doubt they’ll get it right even if I contacted them to explain the issue, because actually, I highly doubt they’ll even care. At this rate I may end up going back to cable TV. BTW, I see the Trash Can Movie Channel(The Works) is now off the air.

  6. Yeah, the zoom proportion adjustment does not fix either of these channels for me either. Very Disappointing. My wife loves the Escape channel and doesn’t seem to mind it being all stretched, but I agree that it seems pretty amateur that they can’t get the formatting correct.

    • What I’m sure they are doing is taking movies that were formatted for broadcast on old standard TV’s and stretching those wide, with them ending up looking awful. Movies that are actually letterbox or widescreen without the re-formatting for standard TV look normal.

  7. Didn’t notice until now,.. The Works moved to 57.2. I always hide channels I don’t want, and looked them over again yesterday for any changes.

  8. Any word on the Live Well Network replacement in Houston?

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