CBS, Weigel to partner for new “Decades” channel

Weigel Broadcasting, the owner of classic TV channel Me-TV, is partnering with CBS to create a new digital channel called “Decades” that will pull from CBS’ library of programming.
The channel will initially find homes on CBS-owned stations including KTVT in Dallas. Weigel will be looking for affiliates in other markets.


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  1. The more, the merrier, though I do wish that we’d start seeing more original programming on the subchannels. Live Well was the one subchannel with a lot of original programming and it is going off the air.

  2. Eric Wade Hartley

    So CBS has a new digital called Decades. The reason that I request it for NewWave Communications users is because I do miss watching Bounce TV. Ever since they (NewWave Communications) took over in Edna, Texas, I have never gotten to see my favorite digital channels like NewsCenter 25 Now (for Victoria weather and news), Bounce TV, This TV (for movies), The LiveWell Network (sniff, sniff, boo-hoo, boo-hoo, we’re going to miss you and may you RIP.) and other channels that have been lost due to Mid-Coast CableVision going out of business (very long sob with rejoicing because we have NewWave Communications now.). (Puppy dog face with dog like whimpering.) Please, put the new digital TV network with Decades on NewWave Communications along with the other channels that I have mentioned before, please?

  3. Any discussion yet of the Decades network airing in Houston?

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