The Bryan DTV dial

Here are the stations licensed to the Bryan-College Station area.
All stations except KAMU are on the UHF band.

KBTX (transmitter on FM 244 north of Anderson)
3.1 CBS
3.2 CW

KAMU (transmitter in Hensel Park just north of the A&M campus)
12.1 PBS
12.2 Weather (live stream)
12.3 PBS Kids

KAGS (transmitter on Harvey Mitchell Pkwy just north of Sandy Point Rd.) (Low power) (Semi-satellite of KCEN, Temple)
23.1 NBC
23.2 MYTX (Cozi TV)
23.3 Me-TV

KYLE (transmitter on Harvey Mitchell Pkwy just north of Sandy Point Rd.) (Satellite of KWKT, Waco)
28.1 Fox
28.2 Estrella

KRHD (transmitter near Benchley) (Low power) (Semi-satellite of KXXV, Waco)
40.1 ABC
40.2 Telemundo

  1. I live…as the crow flies… just 45 miles from the town of B/CS. On the road it’s further, obviously, but it is just a 45 minute trip there. ok, now how come the ppl who run these stations can’t boost the power, because I really don’t care to get Houston stations. I moved out of Houston and into the rural lifestyle of Brazos Valley, for a reason. I though for 12 years, that there was only one station here in this area… but now i look at this list and I see that there are the 4 major affliates, + a few others? What gives? Boost the power on all the channels so I can get only exclusively the Brazos area tv programming. I want to see NBC, I want to see ABC, I want to see FOX. Why don’t the ppl who can, do this for , not only me, but others out here who have had to live thier who lives with either one channel or Houston programming.

    • I believe the B/CS stations can’t pump out more power because then they would be infringing on the major affiliates in Houston, competition wise. On a very rare occasion, I can get channel 3.1 and 3.2 here in central Houston. As far as I know, that is a no no.

  2. KYLE (Fox) is a full-power station. Depending on where you are, you might have to get an antenna rotor to point your antenna toward their tower in order to get a good picture. KMAY is on the same antenna as KYLE, but as a low-power station they don’t get out as far, as you have discovered. The low-powers cover B/CS and that’s about it.

    KBTX (CBS), on the other hand, is so strong that my TV here in Houston tries to lock in on it when I do a scan. It doesn’t succeed, but it at least sees a signal.

    I know this isn’t much of a help, but the low-powers are constrained by FCC regulations. A low-power station is easier to get a license for, but they’re handicapped by being low powered. They could apply to change to a full-power station but that would open up the frequencies to competing applications, and they’d run the risk of losing their license. and might be able to help you orient your antenna to try and capture a better signal on KYLE at least. Good luck.

  3. I’m not 100% sure on this, but there might be a 23-3 carrying Azteca America. I can’t confirm it, but I suspect it’s there. Anyone in the know?

  4. A suggestion: on here and the Houston blog, how about showing the actual RF channel besides the Virtual channel in the listings? Would be nice for those of us who look for the actual channel and not the virtual…

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