The Houston DTV dial

Full power stations should be seen by antenna viewers across Houston.
Low power stations’ reception varies greatly depending on distance from tower
All stations broadcast from the Missouri City antenna farm unless otherwise noted.
All stations are on the UHF band except KUHT, KHOU, KTRK and KDHU-LD, which are in the VHF band. RF channels are the physical channels occupied by the station; use the channels listed below to tune to the station.

KPRC (RF 35)
2.1 NBC (Comcast 12/612 HD, U-verse 2/1002 HD, Charter 2/780 HD, Consolidated 2/702 HD) (also on Dyle)
2.2 MeTV(Comcast 320, Charter 105)
2.3 Heroes & Icons

KBTX (RF 50) (Bryan/College Station; transmitter on FM 244 north of Anderson; signal visible in NW Harris County)
3.1 CBS
3.2 CW

8.1 PBS (Comcast 8/608 HD, U-verse 8/1008 HD, Charter 8/788 HD, Consolidated 8/705 HD)
8.2 Create(Comcast 323, Charter 81)
8.3 PBS Kids(Comcast 324, Charter 82)
8.4 PBS World
8.5 Turning Sight into Sound Radio(live stream)
8.6 KUHA Classical 91.7
8.7 KUHF News 88.7
8.8 KUHF Mixtape

KUVM-LD (RF 22) (Low power)
10.1 Liquidation Channel
10.2 Sonlife TV (live stream on main page)
10.3 Guide US TV
10.4 color bars
10.5 OnTV 4U infomercials
10.6 Peace TV
10.7 color bars

KHOU (RF 11)
11.1 CBS (Comcast 11/611 HD, U-verse 11/1011 HD, Charter 11/786 HD, Consolidated 11/701 HD) (also on Dyle)
11.2 Bounce TV (Comcast 310)
11.3 Justice Network
11.4 Quest TV

KTRK (RF 13)
13.1 ABC (Comcast 13/613 HD, U-verse 13/1013 HD, Charter 13/781 HD, Consolidated 13/703 HD)
13.2 Live Well(Comcast 685 HD, Charter 183 HD)
13.3 Laff

KETH (RF 24)
14.1 TBN (Comcast 14, U-verse 14/560/1560 HD, Charter 14, Consolidated 10)
14.2 The Church Channel(U-verse 565)
14.3 Smile of a Child / JCTV(U-verse 570)
14.4 TBN Enlace USA(Consolidated 24, U-verse 3078)
14.5 TBN Salsa

KVVV-LD (RF 15) (Low power)
15.1 The Word Network
15.2 AMEN TV
15.3 Salem TV
15.4 3ABN Latino (live stream)
15.5 The Family Channel
15.6 Infomercials
15.7 BNT
15.8 Vineyard
15.9 ABN
15.10 Mercy TV

KTXH (RF 19)
20.1 MyNetworkTV (Comcast 4/604 HD, U-verse 4/1004 HD, Charter 12/787 HD, Consolidated 4)
20.2 Movies!
20.3 Decades
20.4 Buzzr

KVQT-LD (RF 21) (Low power)
21.1 ConexZion TV
21.2 Familia TV
21.3 Kingdom Advancement Network
21.4 Infomercials
21.5 Infomercials
21.6 General entertainment
21.7 Infomercials

KLTJ (RF 23)
22.1 Daystar(Comcast 20/322, U-verse 563, Charter 16)

KRIV (RF 26)
26.1 Fox (Comcast 9/609 HD, U-verse 9/1009 HD, Charter 6/784 HD, Consolidated 9/784 HD) (coming to Dyle)
26.2 Light TV

KUGB-CA (RF 28) (Low power)
28.1 GEB America
28.2 WON TV
28.3 A-Life TV
28.4 Lift TV
28.5 Spanish infomercials
28.6 LATV
28.7 V Life TV
28.8 Poder y Milagros TV (Spanish religious)
28.9 Mega TV
28.10 Jewelry TV
28.11 Infomercials
28.12 Infomercials

KCVH-LD (RF 30) (Low power)
30.1 Aleluya TV
30.2 Fancam

KUVM-CD (RF 34) (Low power)
34.1 MundoMax (U-verse 34)
34.2 Maj TV
34.3 Rev’n TV
34.4 HOT-TV

KZHO-LD (RF 39) (broadcasting from the JPMorgan Chase Tower downtown)(Low power)
38.1 Visión Celestial(live stream)
38.2 Vida Vision(live stream)
38.3 Visión Celestial(live stream)
38.4 Religious
38.5 Color bars
38.6 Religious
38.7 Color bars
38.8 Iglesia Cristiana TV
38.9 Joe FM

KIAH (RF 38)
39.1 CW (Comcast 5/605 HD, U-verse 5/1005 HD, Charter 4/782 HD, Consolidated 3)
39.2 Antenna TV(Comcast 318)
39.3 Comet

KHLM-LD (RF 43) (Low power)
43.1 Multimedios Television(Comcast 325)
43.2 Millennium Broadcasting Channel
43.3 Television de Houston
43.5 Urban Houston Network
43.6 Infomercials
43.7 Infomercials
43.8 Infomercials

KXLN (RF 45)
45.1 Univisión (Comcast 10/610 HD, U-verse 10/1010 HD, Charter 19/779 HD, Consolidated 14)
45.2 KFTH
45.3 Escape

KBPX-LD (RF 46) (Low power)
46.1 Zuus Country
46.2 Qubo(U-verse 328)
46.3 ION Life(U-verse 468)
46.4 Shop TV
46.5 QVC
46.6 HSN

KTMD (RF 48)
47.1 Telemundo (Comcast 6/606 HD, U-verse 47/1047 HD, Charter 15, Consolidated 16) (coming to Dyle)
47.2 TelExitos TV(Comcast 326)

KPXB (RF 32)
49.1 Ion(Comcast 7/607 HD, U-verse 49/1049 HD, Charter 22/752 HD, Consolidated 12)
49.2 Qubo(U-verse 328)
49.3 ION Life(U-verse 468)
49.4 Shop TV

KDHU-LD (RF 7)(low power)
50.1 Daystar (simulcast of 22.1)

KYAZ (RF 47)
51.1 Azteca América(Comcast 2, U-verse 51, Charter 9, Consolidated 7)
51.2 VietFace TV
51.3 Saigon Network Television
51.4 New Tang Dynasty Television(live stream)
51.5 MBC America, Korean
51.6 QVC Over the Air
51.7 Vietv (Vietnamese)

KTBU (RF 42)
55.1 Mega TV(Comcast 55, U-verse 55, Charter 18, Consolidated 6)
55.2 VAN TV, Vietnamese (live stream)
55.3 Nacion TV
55.4 ABTV, Chinese
55.5 ITV Houston, Chinese (live stream)
55.6 WCETV (CCTV News)

KUBE (RF 41)
57.1 Independent (Comcast 53, U-verse 57, Charter 99, Consolidated 17)
57.2 Charge!
57.3 BYN, Vietnamese
57.4 Cozi TV(Comcast 311, U-verse 136)
57.5 VieneVision
57.6 Mi Raza
57.7 This TV

KZJL (RF 44)
61.1 Estrella TV (Comcast 3, U-verse 61, Charter 5, Consolidated 5)

KFTH (RF 36)
67.1 Telefutura(Comcast 15/615 HD, U-verse 15/1015 HD, Charter 20/794 HD, Consolidated 15)
67.2 GetTV
67.3 Grit

Low power stations not on the air yet:

Station moving in from Woodville. Owned by Hosanna Apostolic Ministries Broadcasting Corporation.

KEHO-LD (49) (will have to identify as channel 32)
Currently licensed to Beaumont, has applied to move its transmitter to the JPMorgan Chase Tower in downtown Houston. Owned by Elva Rosa and Moises Garza.

  1. Hello Gridlock Joe,

    I commend your efforts for actually setting the record straight about the TV channels in Houston, especially in light of the ever-changing LPTVs. As an OTA TV receiver, I’m sure your site will prove very helpful to me.

    I do notice that you say that the old KBPX-33 translator “had dfficulty reaching Houston from Splendora”, but where I am in Southwest Houston, this translator was easier for me to receive than the main signal on KPXB-49 ever was. Both still had fairly poor signals around here, but only KBPX was receivable in color with the rabbit ear setup we had back then. Thankfully, back then the TV with the rabbit ears at the time was only secondary, our main TV had cable, and PAX was hardly ever worth watching anyway. Now, without cable, we have a Terk HDTVA that receives almost all of the Houston stations perfectly when properly aimed at Missouri City, so our only issue is when somebody bumps it. 🙂

    Anyway, thank you for putting together this useful resource.


    • Thanks for the kind comments. Perhaps I should have been clearer; it was the main KPXB signal from Splendora that had trouble covering southwest Houston.

    • His comment was right on…KBPX-LP “was a Houston repeater for KPXB, whose full-power signal had difficulty reaching Houston from Splendora”
      He stated it right….KPXB’s 1200ft tower west of Splendora is still standing….and at 1200ft, 49 did have trouble reaching the SW side of Houston…..33 was originally on the Senior Road tower (where 9 FMs are and KTXH was originally), the oldest of the 2000ft towers in the farm…the 33 translator was on the 1400ft platform…was up there and touched the cabinet a few times..NOW, KPXB’s digital signal is on a 2000ft tower in Mo City and is SUPPOSED to throw city grade contour over Conroe (to which t is licensed)…55 did the same thing with its digital but its analog WAS on a 2000ft tower…the Splendora 106.9FM tower (the tower is still owned by Salem radio who swapped 106.9 to Cox Radio for a FM in Atlanta, GA) east of 59…97.1 has an aux there…at 300watts ERP!! Their main 2000ft tower is NW of Shepherd!

  2. GEEZ…how many freeking spanish channels do we need? Eighteen is not enough?

  3. It would be nice if some of the Spanish stations would use a second audio channel to broadcast in English

  4. Thanks for putting this list together. It’s very helpful!

  5. Have KJIB or KVDO ever been operational?

    • Not in digital.

      KJIB’s analog tower was in Clear Lake, and they were on analog 5, but they were displaced by KPXB’s interim digital signal, and eventually their facilities got knocked out by Ike.

      KVDO was on 25 from Clear Lake. They got knocked out by Rita.

    • The list is helpful but the signals are very bad. Lots of freezing, picture fading in and out and sometimes a very low signal. Low digital signal channel means signal isn’t picked up. Very beautiful picture, when you can get one. It’s not like antenna television in the past, you turn your television on and you got a picture. You can turn your television on to digital and get no picture. If they fix that it’s a winner for us all, please fix this?

  6. How can I find the contact information of the owners of the Low Power stations that are not on the air yet?

  7. I’m in the planning stage of a television network and the FCC requires that all video content must have closed captions. Where can I find an affordable solution or that type of software?

    • If you’re looking to caption live programs, a number of prompter systems will generate captions. For pre-recorded programs, there are a number of service bureaus that will generate captions.

      Don’t forget that captioning in DTV is transmitted differently from closed captions from the analog days.

  8. We’ve recently discontinued our Comcast service to explore HDTV land. While we enjoy live-streaming most of our favorite programs from network websites, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, there’s one problem we’ve been unable to solve.
    What is the secret to getting KHOU & CBS? We live in an apartment complex near the Galleria, so we can’t put up an exterior, roof-top antenna (best solution so far). We have a small, interior reflecting antenna that works well for everything else. Have emailed the tech address at KHOU, but the most recent post on their page dates from 2009, so am not optimistic about receiving an answer.
    Thanks —

    • How is your reception on 8 and 13?

      Try adjusting your antenna slightly. With DTV even a small change in antenna position can make the difference between receiving the signal and not receiving it.

      Another possibility is multipath — where the signal reaches you directly and also by reflecting off a building somewhere between you and Missouri City. The two signals would cause enough interference to each other that your TV wouldn’t be able to decode it.

      If all else fails, you might also try calling Rudy Gonzales of KHOU’s engineering department at (713) 284-1023.

      • First of all, thanks for all the great info.

        I have one of those “old-fashioned” 6 foot long VHF/UHF directional roof antennas mounted in my attic. I used to position the antenna. I’ve had major problems with channel 11 from the beginning (about 12 months ago) and issues with channel 8 and even 13 on occasion. The UHF channels were all fine as was channel 2 since it actually broadcasts on UHF.

        Long story short I tried new cables, a booster (which got me up to 50+ signal on 11), complaining to the FCC, some cussin’ and then some praying (I think those may have offset each other ;-), and then this morning I moved the antenna from the middle of the attic to the side closest to the antenna farm. My UN-boosted signal (I forget to plug in the booster) on channel 11 went from effectively no signal (about 20) to 95. After I removed the 6′ patch cable and unused booster I was at 100 signal strength on channel 11.

        I probably moved the antenna less than 25 feet but it made all the difference in the world. BTW, I have that shiny foil radiant barrier in my attic. I moved the antenna so it was close to a side wall, pointing directly at the antenna farm, effectively eliminating interference from the radiant barrier.

        Viva la Free TV! (and TiVo)

      • I emailed Rudy Gonzales no success.

    • DTVs are computers with tuners…..computers put out a LOT of noise…so keep the antenna as far as possible from the DTV (DO NOT put it on top of the TV like old rabbit ears on analog TVs)….Indoor antennas are rough because of signal loss through walls and roofs (depending on composition)….KHOU’s signal should be fairly good in the Galleria area…Try putting the antenna in a window and run coax to the TV as needed…also an amplifier may help…in your case, a Channel Master CM7778 would be good (the 7777 is the better one because it has more gain on VHF but you may not need MUCH gain….in fact too much gain can actually hurt DTV!) If you have an outside balcony or patio, FEDERAL law allows you to put a TV antenna there…

  9. thanks for the speedy response!
    At first we couldn’t get 8 and 13 at all — but then adjusted the antenna a bit and now both come in clear and strong.
    As you describe “multipath,” I’m sure that is a factor
    Thanks for the great suggestions!
    cheers –

  10. You might as well remove AMGTV, as KUVM-CD’s broadcast of it is riddled with signal issues that make it unwatchable. It usually shows a pixelated mess or a “No signal!” graphic from whatever equipment they’re using to receive it.

    Also, has “GBC World News” ever actually happened? All I see is a black screen on 34.1 and color bars on 10.1.

    • I got a usable picture on 34.4 this morning, but it’s very blocky right now. Definitely being starved for bandwidth.

      As far as GBC, I’m thinking it may have gone to the great bit bucket in the sky. I’ve seen nothing but color bars from them for a couple of weeks.

  11. Also, is KBPX (46) still operational? I haven’t been able to receive anything from it in quite a while, and it usually had a strong signal here.

  12. What will it take to get the big companies to make cable channels like A&E, Versus, TLC, Discovery, etc. available over the air… to realize they could return to the old network model in a given market and increase their viewership by making some of this stuff free.

  13. Thanks for the listing. It was a big help in setting up channels once I got rid of cable. Great job!

  14. Why don’t you list channels 42.2 and 42.4?

    • There shouldn’t be anybody with the PSIP of 42. Channel 55 is broadcasting on the channel 42 frequency. If you’re seeing Vietnamese on 42.2 and Mi Casa on 42.4, either KTBU is transmitting faulty information or your TV is displaying the actual frequency and subchannel rather than the PSIP value (channel number that’s supposed to be displayed).

  15. Thanks for the listing Guess those of us farther out (Bellville) are not going to get any of those low power stations.

  16. Channel 47.2. Is that channel avail on comcast cable. It is a novela tv station.

  17. i need for rent a cheap price channel somebody help me?

  18. Have you or anyone else been able to pick up 49.1-3(Ion, Qubo, IonLife) recently? I seem to have lost them. Haven’t picked them up since the new year.

  19. What’s with the whole bunch of subchannels on 49? I can’t find them. I can’t find 8.7 either. Are they new channels?

  20. Wow, great site! I’m about to cut the cable cord and was wondering if there is a particular antenna that you’d recommend. I live in the Pearland area & have heard mixed reviews on various antennas around here. Thanks!

    • Pearland is only 13 miles from Missouri City, so you might be able to get away with an inside antenna. I’m 11 miles from the towers and get all the full-power stations all the time and most of the low-power stations most of the time. I use a GE Quantum powered antenna and have had good results with it. You’ll definitely need a UHF/VHF combo since KUHT, KHOU and KTRK are on VHF.

  21. I just cut the cord on cable, too…got a temporary coat hanger antenna in the attic, hooked into the existing cable lines. Now have good reception for many channels on the two tv’s that don’t need a digital converter. Thanks to your list, I’m getting an idea of what we’ve got. As we go along, we’ll learn more about what type of antenna we really need, what we need to get the most out of our HDTV, best avenues for streaming/accessing other content, etc. My only question now is this: Is there any “free” channel that carries the Astros games? That and ESPN are what I’m going to miss the most, quite frankly. I’ll also miss being able to idly tune into History, TLC, HGTV, etc., but that is probably a good thing since I’ll get more done! 😀 But Astros…yea, it would be nice to find a way to see those games. I have an online link to stream Saints football games, but the quality is merely fair, and the lag time is really bad. I’m hoping that I don’t have to do this to watch the Astros this year. Sure seems like the local team could be seen for free, huh?

    Anyway, thanks in advance for your help!

  22. Thanks, I figured as much. Fortunately my site that shows Saints games also has other sports, so I should be able to catch the Astros there, even though the quality is uncertain. Of course, FSN was hardly ever in HD anyway, and was usually grainy.

    Question…what avenues do you recommend to get other channels/programming? We did try to get some online content through our Wii, but I think we need to add to the memory first…haven’t had any luck with the Wii yet. I keep hearing of other options like Netflix, Hulu, Roku,. Vudu…and I’m just getting confused. Anyone have better/worse luck with certain non-cable/sat options?

  23. KHOU is 0 for me in west Spring, at Spring Creek, for the last week. I cut cable in January.
    . . .
    KHOU was great even last Saturday morning, but showing nothing for the last 6 days.
    I must have to go higher with an antenna.
    . . .
    KPRC, KHOU, and KRIV are broadcasting at 1080i, while KTRK is blurred at 720p, comparatively.
    Plus, they waste their money for 13.3 – don’t they have those “Million Dollar Movies” from the ’70’s? lol

    • KRIV actually broadcasts in 720p. KTRK’s picture quality suffers from also having to fit a second HD channel and a third SD channel in the stream.

    • I stopped getting KHOU in the imperial oaks that same day and nothing since. My friend on the east side of spring lost them the same day as well. I just cut my cable last months so this sucks!

      • namelesstoo

        I just installed an indoor antenna – near downtown Houston – and get great reception on all over the air channels – except for KHOU Channel 11 – I get no signal. I see from this blog that others are having a problem with KHOU. Is this a general problem with the station? Or is there something unique about my location or antenna that is causing this. Thanks.

      • The only thing I can suggest is to reorient your rabbit ears. If they’re vertical, try aligning them horizontally, and vice versa. KHOU has circular polarization, so it shouldn’t make a difference which way your rabbit ears are oriented.

      • If it shouldn’t make any difference because it has circular polarization and some of us that have had the signal lost it without changing our antennas at the same time I am inclined to think its a KHOU problem. If it was a me problem I shouldn’t get every other channel at very good strength, correct?

      • Correct. I’m stumped. Why not call KHOU’s engineering department on 713-284-1023 and see if they can help you?

  24. I have a question about the KUVM-LD channel 10.2. Why is there no reception? I live in Needville and I can’t get this with a new antenna I have installed in my attic. I do have it pointed in the direction of Missouri City. I also want to thank you for the list above it is very useful.

  25. That’s not fair. Is there anyway that could change? Can I contact someone to see if they could direct it all around? Thanks for your quick response.

    • Unfortunately, they can’t shift the signal around without approval from the FCC in Washington. The signal is oriented the way it is so they can get more viewers in the more densely populated areas of Houston, as opposed to the largely rural area near you. They also have to avoid interfering with KBTV in Beaumont, which transmits on the same frequency.

      • ??? KBTV 4.1 is on RF Channel 40…..There is no RF 10 in Beaumont….there is a LP analog 9 that runs 9 watts (YES) and they have filed for a move to RF21 at 15KW…KBMT 12.1 (on RF12) is running only 18.5 KW due to a 12 in College Station…Remember, the VIRTUAL channel xx.x may NOT be the actual RF channel they are on (in Houston, 8,11, 13 and 26 ARE….but none of the others are.

  26. I’m trying to make the switch to an antenna after dropping my cable. While I have live without TV (aside from occasionally watching things online), I would like to sit down and vegetate once in a while. However, the stations I want, I’m not getting with the antennas I’ve tried. The ones I want at listed as Hi-V (or VHF). I’m a bit more than 40 miles due north of the Houston stations. Being in an apartment limits my placement of an antenna. Should I just give up on TV? The stations I really want, I’m not getting (PBS and ABC).

    • A UHF/VHF antenna is absolutely necessary to get the VHF stations (8, 11, 13). Try extending the rabbit ears horizontally and see if that helps. Also make sure the antenna is near a window.

    • make sure your antenna is capable of VHF HI as well as UHF…there is no such thing as a DTV antenna….Antennas dont care what the signal is…RF is RF….if you have a patio or balcony, you can put an outside antenna under FEDERAL law…if you can get an antenna pointed toward Missouri City, you may get lucky….also look at a preamp (Channel Master CM7777 or 7778)…..DO NOT put the antenna near the TV..DTVs, especially plasmas, are NOISE makers….(more so than analogs did)…If can see 11.1, then you should be able to move the antenna just a little to get 8 and 13 (which are on their old analog channels like 11 and 26)

  27. Will the Astros games be seen with antenna anymore? I used to enjoy the Sunday games in my garage while barbeque-ing with my family but it doesn’t seem that I can get a game without cable or satellite.

  28. I changed the programming on Channel 28.1 last week to Golden Eagle Broadcasting out of ORU in Tulsa. Please let me know how you like the new programming.

  29. I wish there could be a better offer given to SBN Sonlife Broadcasting Network out of Baton Rouge, LA. It is a shame that people from surrounding areas cannot enjoy their programming for free. I know that I don’t live in dense populated area because I am in the Subural/Rural area of Houston. Just wish they could be offered something better.

  30. How, or where I can get this service or how did work???

  31. Hi – I have a client who’s looking into leasing a LPTV station in Houston. Any idea which of these stations are available for lease?

    • The stations that are currently broadcasting a test pattern or advertising themselves as available are:

      KUVM-LD 10.1, 10.4, 10.5, 10.6 are showing color bars. Mako Communications can be reached at 361-658-5548.

      KVQT 21.8 and 21.9 have color bars, but no phone number listed.

      KUGB 28.3 (formerly KEYS TV) is showing a phone number: 281-969-7735.

      34.1, 34.4, 34.5, 34.6 are showing color bars. Mako Communications can be reached at 361-658-5548.

      38.7 is showing color bars.

      38.8 is showing a phone number: 214-434-6357.

  32. Please contact me at 281-388-1941 and I will get you the channel they need. Thank you,

  33. Gridlockjoe – Thanks for the valuable information.

    Glen – I called your office yesterday. I will call again on Monday. Thanks.

  34. You may try me on my cell phone at 281-850-2715 as I am out of the office a lot.

  35. Ricardo Canil

    Muy bueno

  36. Andrew J Burns

    I have just moved to the Houston area and am also just learning about the digital signal system out here. For all of the viewers who watch these stations, what type of station is needed or is in high demand that is not currently on? Thanks!

    • What type of station is needed?
      Anything with English speaking programming other than Christian programming.
      I’m currently waiting for the Retro Television Network channel on 34.2 to expand its coverage area at the moment.

  37. Know what’d be a good way to find employment at a local tv station? With so many starting up there’s bound to be one I can get a job at 🙂

  38. Did anyone happen to see the new show Punch TV on channel 21.5 today in Houston?

  39. Hey Gridlockjoe,

    Are any of these Houston low power stations broadcasting in the HD Format…

  40. Is it just me or are others recently having trouble with the TV Guide listing. Most of the time now I get ‘no data’ for show time listings. I’ve tried changing zip codes on the TV preferences(and resetting power), but to no avail.
    I do however get an info listing for the current program I have the channel on but many times the show description itself says ‘No program description available’.
    This is very frustrating.

    • Just to answer my own question, the TV Guide came back on October 1st, with no glitches whatsoever so far. Fingers crossed. It had gotten to a point where it was down 24/7 for two whole weeks before Oct. 1st. Just don’t think it was my TV at this point.

  41. I live in the Spring/Tomball area. I use to get KHOU (11.1) and KTRK (13.1) with great signal strength; however I noticed that I stopped getting those channels about 6 months ago without making any changes to my setup. I still get KPRC (2.1), KRIV (26.1) and all the other channels. Anyone else run into this problem? Thanks.

  42. I live in Montgomery and I am only able to catch 3.1 and 3.2 out of Bryan. Shouldn’t I be able to get all the Full Power Houston stations as well?

  43. Awesome site, I’ve been an over the air digital tv user since 2004 and never come across a complete list like this before of the everchanging DTV scene in Houston. I even remember 11-3 and 13-3 back in the mid 2000s when they had a weather radar as their only content.

    Do you know of any way to find the bitrate of subchannels? I have a couple of different tuners but have always been curious to find out either constant or vaariable bitrates of all the various main and subchannels out there.

  44. I’m downtown and have issues getting KHOU and KTRK.

    BTW Joe can you try and dig up what the deal is with the audio on ION 49.1 – it’s not synched up. Tried to find a contact for for them but didn’t come across anything.

  45. I recently moved to humble and will really want to have access to mbc channel 43.2. Can anyone tell me is I need indoor or outdoor antenna?

  46. I live in spring off Rayford Road in a ground floor apt and bought an RCA digital flat antenna for my Vizio HDTV set, however I am unable to pick up ANY channels and after looking at my users manual for the vizio and following the instructions for both I’m feeling very frustrated! Can anyone help or offer advice?

    • Good luck, being that far north. Make sure your antenna is close to a window. That will probably help the most.

    • You might try to check their recommendation for an antenna. The site prompts you to enter your street address so that the right style of antenna can be recommended.

      Having the right antenna is crucial.

  47. Hello Gridlockjoe,

    Do you put local online TV Networks on this blog?

    I’m in the startup phase of my new online HDTV Network and I’m offering some great rates for local Christian Broadcasters.

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  48. Other than draw attn to your channel, is there any other reason that the female weather, traffic, etc. are dressed so trashy? It makes them look very classless.

  49. and it makes your station look cheap. Just an observation while flipping through channels.

  50. KUBE 57.1 is Now in HD. Also sometimes can not get the channel with an indoor antenna. I am right near Houston heights. How come when I use an Amplifier the channel does not show up? I been told the antenna in Baytown for KUBE is that right? thanks great site.

  51. Any idea why I pick up KUBE in bedroom and not living room? I have moved to Leaf around. Do we have an English OTA QVC? Thanks

  52. What would it take to get 34.3 and 34.4? Has this already took place KUVM-CD 34.3 RTV moves down one slot to 34.4, making way for QVC in 34.3. is the channel 34? thanks

    • Yes, that channel shift has happened. The station broadcasts over RF channel 34. Since they are a low-power station, you might have more trouble picking them up with an indoor antenna.


    need your phone number tro set air box and pin number

  54. I live in Chicago, and it sure looks like that an awful lot of the subchannels are a waste of bandwidth, liker 2 LiveWell duplicate channels. Does anyone watch LiveWell??? And there’s all the channels of old reruns. It seems there’s a law of nature that states that quality of programming is inversely proportional to quality of signal when received.

  55. Hi Gridlock Joe,
    Thanks for this list. It’s impressive.

    I went off cable cold turkey a couple of years ago. My dream is to get more than half a dozen watchable TV stations on my HD television using an antenna. So far, it’s the impossible dream.

    I have a TERK HDTVa antenna that I bought online and installed myself. I don’t know if that was a the right indoor antenna to buy or not, but the reception is lame. I get CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX and CW, plus some substations and a smattering of non-English stations. But I know I’m missing lots of good programming by not being able to pick up any other stations.

    Do you have any posts that might help me choose the best antenna (and an experienced installer) for my situation? My television is a 7-year-old Dell W4200HD. I live in the Heights, at Peddie and Oxford streets. Many thanks.
    – Eliza

    • For your current antenna, it would help if it’s located close to a window. I know I can’t get many of the stations if my antenna’s not near the window. I’m also wondering if the buildings at Greenway Plaza might be interfering to a small extent, since they’re directly between you and the tower farm. Obvioulsy the higher you can mount your antenna the better your signal will be. Unfortunately I don’t know any installers.

    • I had a Terk model like yours – didnt work well, even after moving it several times.

      Just got a Winegard “Freeguard” HDTV that’s indoor/outdoor thru Ama….com {LOVE that place!} I live in Alvin in a 120 yr old house with ship-lap walls – tree sold oak walls cross-lapped together, this baby ain’t going anywhere!] And the signal has to go up and over another big old house and thru the thick branches of an oak tree.

      I put this baby up above my HDTV about 4′ – thing looks like a sculpture, so Im pleased with the exposure – and voila! I get very clear reception of Channel 2 {NBC} and others that didnt come in at all with the Terk.

      This antennae is $35.xx on Ama… – and well worth it. I’m very pleased, and my neighbors are flabbergasted at the clarity. They still have cable, and that’s good.
      Now my costs are nothing, except the beer, wine and appetizers I’ll bring over when D Dynasty comes on… LOL

      Try this antennae, you can send it back if it doesnt work out either.. Good luck!

  56. Thank you for your thoughts, Joe.

    There is a high window behind my TV. The sill is about 6 inches from the top of the screen. When I move the TERK antenna so it balances on top of the set, I generally get my best reception, so you are right about the advantages of putting the antenna near a window.

    I live in a second-story apartment. My TV is against a wall that faces south southwest.

    Do you think it might improve my reception to have an exterior antenna? I’m thinking of one that I would attach to the second-story wall, since I don’t feel comfortable . If so, is there any particular model you would recommend that I try?

    • I tried a small exterior antenna(a philips model mounted on the house eave) but for some channels it got worse when it was anywhere near windy out, with all the moving tree branches and leaves, so I went back indoors. The signal was stronger though overall outdoors. Even managed to barely pick up a signal for Retro Television Network.

      I found it helps to keep the indoor antenna at least a little ways away from the HDTV itself to be able to pick up the higher band UHF channels, especially channel 57. I live a mile north of you and can pick up all relevant channels except for Retro Network Television 34.4(no current signal) and Urban Houston Network 43.5(signal in and out often) with just a simple indoor RCA rabbit ears(with knob) antenna and a basic RCA 12db signal amplifier(which helps just a little bit). Channel 57 can still be a problem child off and on though. Mostly it’s good unless it’s really windy outside.

  57. Brian S., Thank you for your insights. I appreciate your taking the time to share your experience. My antenna is always right next to or on top of my TV, so I’ll try giving it some distance.

  58. Spanish Station OTA with some English in the programming. Folks, watch Ch. 20.3 or 34.1 MundoFOX it is a good station whch offers a twist to how non speaking Spanish viewers can watch TV. I hope this helps.


  59. So my extended family lives in Willis and we’ve ditched all cable I’ve set up antennas with boosters at 4 houses on some I’ve got close to 80 channels at others only 50. Which way should I point the antenna to get the best signal? just due south to Houston, Conroe or slightly east or west?

    • can help you with aiming your antenna from your specific location. You should also be able to pick up KBTX from Bryan if CBS reception is an issue.

    • Missouri City is the Houston antenna farm for most of the stations….(one LP is downtown iirc)…Some TVs have better tuners than others (I own a Haier with 1080p and it is one of the best tuners I have ever seen)…I HIGHLY recommend only Channel Master CM7777 amps (and put it close to the antenna)…From Willis you want a decent gain antenna…like the CM 3016 (or the Radio Shack VU90s if they still sell them…they are bigger because they were designed to cover 2-6 as well as 7-69 (though the TV band stops at 50/51 now)….but they work..just get them as high as possible….problem with being on the north side is having to look thru or around downtown….to the east, the full power stations in Houston can be seen in Port Arthur 90 miles away with only a 20ft high antenna and CM amp…but the path is mostly over rice fields though the bay can cause some issues with ducting during summer time

  60. did you know that 43.3 has change to a diferent station call cadenacentrosur is a bilingual station with focus in the central and south american people

  61. anyone currently having trouble with 11.1 KHOU. I usually get great reception and then poof, it’s totally out for quite a while. Then comes back. No rhyme or reason. I have an indoor Mohu leaf with the power boost.

  62. Do you recommend the indoor Mohu leaf?

  63. Help Please!!!!! We are at Crystal Beach. Can’t get 11. (KHOU) Please tell me an antenna that would make that channel work. We have it mounted about 20 feet into the air without any luck. Another question sometimes we do pick it up then magically around 930-1000 pm it disappears for the rest of the night. Are the waves different at night. Zip code is 77650. We are getting all other channels for the most part. Thank you so much for your help.

    • I’m surprised you’re getting anything from that far away. How is your reception on channels 8 and 13? They are the only full power VHF stations left. I would also check on the aiming of the antenna.

  64. For some reason I’m not able to receive Fox 26.1 through the air (Sugar Land area). How can fix this issue? I spent $50 on one of the in door antennas but didn’t help much


    • I’m surprised that you’re having problems in Sugar Land. Is your antenna located near your TV? Sometimes that can cause interference.

      • yes, the rabbit ear is located right behind my flat screen TV… Let me move it tonight once I got home. I just ordered a leaf antenna as well and i hope this will fix the problem


    • I always have trouble with fox and I am in heights. It goes out with just a little rain or wind. I got tired of missing shows on fox. I could never seem to get 57.1 or 57.4 either. I am a big fan of Aereo TV. (google ) I could never seem to get 57.1 or 57.4 either. I can get all channels perfect now even watch on Ipad or tv.

    • Outdoor antennas are always best…brings you more signals (like the Low Powers)…and no HOA can stop you….In Sugarland you should be able to see the tower 26 is on….be sure to keep any antenna away from a noise producer (PC, HDTV, light dimmers, etc)….

  65. Thanks for the tip about Aereo TV ( I’ve had such rotton luck with my antenna, it sounds like a service worth trying. Their website says they’ll launch in Houston Sept. 16. I just pre-registered on their site.

    • I have been beta testing Aereo. If you like to reach out to them on Facebook or e-mail. I sent e-mail to support. $96 a year or $144.

      Aereo Android App Arriving in September..

  66. For the most part we get 13 without any problem. We are not big tv watchers but if we want to watch something it is on channel 11. And you would know that is the channel we have trouble with.

    • Wonder if 11 is doing any antenna work and is on an aux antenna with poorer range? The engineers I used to know at 11 are now retired…and with Belo selling it to Gannet, I don’t have any contacts there…

  67. Speakstv just came up on KVVV 15.9. Speakstv is owned by Aware Channels, LLC an IT / Media Provider in Houston. Speakstv is a multi-racial, gender and age inclusive broadcasting network.

    The quality is almost HD and the programming is nice too. The website is
    and the parent company website is :

    Speakstv broadcasts simultaneously on Local TV, Roku, App, Web and Mobile Phones and Tablets.

  68. Did a scan and Daystar TV is coming thru strong for me on channel 23.1. Did they switch from channel 22.1? On 22.1 is it was always a weak signal.

    • KLTJ was on 22 analog and is on 23 digital. I have noticed their PSIP sometimes reflects the 23 frequency rather than the 22 identification. So no changes at their end (other than a possibly flaky encoder).

  69. Qubu and Ion Life are gone from the 49 sub-channels. At Ion Life’s Facebook page they said Ion Life has moved to channel 46.3. I can’t get 46.3. Boooooo!

  70. Joe, I just ran across your site; great job! I’m located in Hallettsville (100 mi. W. of Houston) with a UHF yagi antenna with preamp at 80 ft. pointed toward Mo City. Here I receive consistently channels 2, 14, 22, 49, 55, 57. (I lock out the Spanish only stations and so cannot name them offhand.) Channels 26 and 39 are intermittent here due more to the frequency vs gain plot of my antenna than any other factor, as TV Fool says I should receive them better than some of the ones I do get. Ch 20 is on the same channel as one out of Victoria, and if I could only cause power outages at will for Victoria I could watch it and 11 again :-). I can receive 13 and most nights 8 with a simple 3 element VHF antenna with preamp.

    My main reason for writing is to comment on the Channel 11 issue that many (including myself) have. I notice many of those with difficulty getting 11 are on the north side of Houston, so I suspect part of the problem (in addition to the multipath caused by building reflection) is due to the same co-channel issue I have with Channel 20 – Channel 19 in Victoria is on the same RF channel as 11 (way too close for co-channel stations in an area where ducting is practically an everyday event!). A higher receiving antenna toward Mo. City from the north side of Houston would just make the problem worse as it would also be pointed toward Victoria, and anyone south and west of Mo. City would need antennas with excellent reflectors to keep 19 from crashing the bits from 11 (I cannot null out 19 (south) in order to receive 11 (east) because I’m too close to Victoria). I was horrorstruck when I saw the FCC allowed these two co-channel situations to occur in adjacent markets. This is something the broadcasters brought upon themselves with their greed to keep the VHF channels by their collusion to demand both VHF and UHF channels in every market (there were no VHF channels in Victoria before the transition). Unfortunately, they have also forced poor reception of a major station (KHOU) on the viewers.

  71. Qubo is now on 46.2, low power, 18 miles from my house. I have a 60 mile antenna in the attic (properly oriented). Still can’t get Qubo. Is this normal?

    • I too this day stilk can’t get qubo. Before the channel switch I didn’t get signal for 2 months. I have never gotten a signal on the new channel. I emailed qubo channel 3 times and no response.

  72. Hi, we live off of 1314 in Conroe and receive KTRK/ABC 13.1,but it is not the programs that are listed for ABC such as Scandal, how do we fix this.

    • KTRK is airing the Texans game tonight. Prime tine shows will be aired late tonight. From their web site: “Because of the game, we’re rescheduling some of our primetime programing. Scandal will air Friday at 12:45am after Nightline, followed by Once Upon a Time in Wonderland at 1:45am and Grey’s Anatomy at 2:45am.”

  73. Gridlock Joe, recently read one of your posts about KVDO-LP. To the best of my knowledge, we’re the only analog channel still in operation in the Houston market. Far Eastern Telecasters, Inc. is a nonprofit commercial free operation broadcasting in southwest Houston from a height of 50 feet with an effective radiated power of 10 watts. Very few people get our over the air signal, but many watch video streamcast at Our analog license will expire on August 1, 2014. We are diligently working to raise funds to make the transition to digital.

  74. For past week i can’t get KHOU 11.1 to come in. Anyone else have problems? I am in the Heights. Thanks

  75. Wand and were is the airbox going to be sold

  76. I am in Cleveland, and have an outside antenna, but am unable to get KUBE, I get all other channels, with no problem, is this channel not located in same area as others?

  77. I love regular television with all the great channels to choose from lately. I scanned for channels not getting all channels on the television lineup page. Another problem signal strength, I have moved my television as suggested and still have problems with low signals. I have now 2 televisions and still have low channel signal problems. The digital signal breaks up and I have lose channels. Strangely for some reason I lost channel 2, and gained 49.1 (ION). It’s like the channels are coming in and out. Channel 11 and channel 2 is the hardest to get a signal. I have had channel 8 since last month and still can’t see the channel, signal is too low. Error message is: Digital channel signal strength is low.

  78. 67.2 is now Get tv. Old movies akin to Movies!

  79. Hello everyone on behalf of all the Airbox questions.. If you are wondering what it is.. Or how to get it, you can go to or you can give us a call at (1877-924-7269). The lineup we have is all Premium movie channels.

  80. Anybody else have signal problems with channel 57.x this last week? Signal is so weak now I can’t pick it up. Seems to have started when Cozi left and The Works came in and got worse each day from there. All other channels come in just fine with good signal strength so I’m assuming it’s an issue in channel 57’s side.

  81. I live in Kingwood and am wanting to place an antenna. What kind should I get?

    • Have you tried the tools at antennaweb and tvfool? They should give you an idea of what to expect from your location, and how big an antenna you need.

      • Looks like antennaweb is still basing their recommendations on analog signals when they talk about ghost pictures. They list a lot in red for me but I can get all of them with just a simple rabbit ear and a cheap RCA 14db signal amp.

  82. Thanks for the link. Tvfool has all the stations I want in green which means I should be able to use an indoor antenna. However, I purchased an RCA multi-directional flat antenna today and it is only picking up very few channels. I was wondering if a there was a particular brand that works better indoors.

  83. Nobody will respond to my previous post =0( I have been unable to get QUBO channe now 46.2 for about a year and everyone in the area is not getting it either. What happened?? I called the # from the qubo channel about 5 times and never got a phone call. Wrote on here hoping someone has the same issue and nothing. I contacted the FCC and they said to move my antenna. Obviously it is not my antenna if everyone in my area is having the same issue. What do I do now, this is the only ENGLISH cartoon channel.

    • Channel 46 is a low power station and is not strong enough to reach some areas. I’m only about 12 miles from the towers and have trouble with it most days.

      • but how did it all of a sudden become a low power station? It always worked fine with my antenna. I thought we would gain channels not lose them as time went on….I am in southeast houston and there are a million kids how can they not have a kids channel? Or I guess an English one.. Is there anthing else I can do? My kid is dring me up the wall. I do have VCR/DVD but Qubo has shows that he really enjoyed.

      • It’s possible they are having transmission problems.

  84. does anyone know what happened to 57.2 La Mera Television, it has been off the air for some time now just showing color bars, is the KUBE looking for something to fill the channel with or is it on La Mera TVs end. Thanks for any information.

    • We are having problems with all the 57 channels. They keep coming in and out. It’s the only channel that does that.

  85. Roy Henderson Surrenders KVDO/KJIB licenses

    In 2013, a nonprofit ministry I run was preparing to file for a LPFM radio license for 92.5 during the October window. We made a decision to not seek a radio license after Roy Henderson, through his attorney, agreed to allow us — at our own expense — to rebuild and operate KVDO under its analog license until 2015, when all analog broadcasting must end. The low power channel — resurrected as a classic hits music video channel using this slogan, “It’s like radio, but with pictures…” — could be seen on analog channel 25 in the Westbury, Brauswood, Bellaire, and Reliant Stadium areas of Houston.

    Roy Henderson later tried to back out of the deal, claiming there never was a deal — that is, until I produced recordings of telephone conversations with his lawyer. That lawyer, based in Washington, at first claimed the recordings were made without consent and were illegal, but backed down when he found out Texas law allows a party to record his own phone conversations. Roy then asserted that his now “former lawyer” didn’t have his permission to make the deal. I refused to turn the station off, so he refused to renew the license. That got me rolling to Washington, DC, where I personally filed the renewal paperwork myself. See…23117048_n.jpg

    Now, in a move that seemingly defies logic, through a new attorney, on June 2, 2014 Roy Henderson just surrendered the licenses to the FCC. See

    “Seemingly” is the key word here. There’s actually a bit of logic to the actions of a man that at least one FCC official refers to as “one of the most non-compliant broadcasters in the industry.” It has long been known that Roy committed perjury back in 2011 when he managed to get the license reinstated.…from-the-dead/ Now, more information is coming out from credible sources about how Roy Henderson never really owned KVDO or KJIB. He was merely a front man, his name used to circumvent U.S. laws against foreign ownership of our broadcast stations. After Hurricane Rita destroyed the station’s tower, Roy apparently convinced his foreign investors that the stations were dead. In 2013, his attorney approved our resurrecting the stations — whether with or without Roy’s approval is in questions. The fact is, we put KVDO back on and Roy started panicking. If KVDO stayed on or, much worse, if it became eligible for the TV frequencies buyback auctions in a year or two, Roy was going to owe his silent foreign partners a lot of explaining and not to mention money.

    While KVDO is now dark and with Roy’s surrender the licenses are presumably dead, I can assure you all the the fat lady has not yet sung. This drama is far from over and, in the meantime, our 24/7 streamcast will continue on

  86. Michelle,

    Some time not-too-long ago, Qubo (and Ion Life) moved from 49.x to 46.x, and 46 is their lower power transmitter.

    I’m guessing that is part of the Airbox deal, in an effort to open up some more bandwidth.

    It’s annoying, yes, and I personally think that LP stations are a poor idea in a market as physically large as the Houston Metro market, but that’s their decision, not yours nor mine.

    All that being said, I am able to pick up most of the LP stations (including Qubo) from La Porte, but I have a UHF/VHF antenna up about 20 feet in the air. And it’s one of the good old ones, meant to reach out and grab signal where nothing else can. Being as you are in ‘southeast houston’, I’d guess that with a proper antenna, mounted outside and pointed correctly, you should have no issues picking it up, either.

    Finally, to anyone who reads this, please don’t pester gridlock joe about how you can’t get channel X (more than likely, it’s 11 – 🙂 ). He’s just a guy who is nice enough to track all these channels and post them on his blog. He’s not your personal TV tech support. I don’t want him to feel like he needs to take this blog down just because you guys can’t watch your stories.

  87. Thanks Joe for putting together this list. As strictly OTA household, it is very helpful to know what is going on in our DTV world.

  88. Gridlock Joe, an update for the master list

    KVDO and KJIB both have surrendered their licenses (analog and digital CPs) so they can be dropped from the list

    KHLM is a Class A (CD), not a LD… booms into the Beaumont area when tropo is just barely there and wipes out K36ID retransmit of KUIL-LD on 43

      • HMM last I saw it was a CD (at 60KW ERP)…I’ll double check

      • HMMM the CDBS does show it as a LD…I KNOW I saw it listed or a CP listed for a CD at 60KW…was talking with the engineer at KUIL-LD/KBMT about it…it kills KUIL’s signal when the tropo is barely there and they use KUIL as a source for K36ID in Orange to retransmit (no direct STL to 36 from studios available)..and the antenna path is 1deg off from 36 to KUIL vs 36 to KHLM…..(ouch!)

  89. And yes, the fat lady has sung on the Henderson licenses, etc….regardless of what Joe Donaldson claims…

    • Jim Bob, your right. Henderson’s licenses are now gone. What’s not over is the legal fight. Lies. Misrepresentations. Breach of contract. Damages. Not to mention all his other dark stations, on which I may file formal petitions to revoke. This radio outlaw named Henderson has gotton away with too much for too long…

  90. Martin de Vore

    i am in Humble and get Channels 2, 26, 20 and 39 perfectly, Why can’t I get Channel 8, 11 and 13? Any suggestions are appreciated. Have new RCA DTA800B1 converter box and new digital antenna.

  91. Martin de Vore

    Both. It gets Channel 2 just fine.

  92. Appears KUBE 57.5 out of Baytown (The Works) is taking a break and only showing a color test with their call letters for now. Any news on what’s going on? (The colors look great by the way….)

  93. Rosemary Colvin

    Yes I have 2 TV do I have to by a box for each TV and we just have regular TV service and cable is just not we can afford will this help. Can I used 1 box for 2 TV

  94. My DTV converter box keeps shutting down whenever I change to channel 49.1 ION Television. When the TV is tuned to other channels, there is no problem. But Once I switch to 49.1 for about 7 minutes, the TV screen whites out and the DTV shuts itself down. Can anyone explain this to me or has anyone experienced this before?

  95. We are dumping cable and using an HDTV antennae along with Chromecast for Netflix and HULU.(A savings of $145 a month excluding any movie purchase). . We can get the major channels EXCEPT for Channel 13 KTRK. We see it listed as 13.1. but our remote gets us directly to channel 13.3. Can you give some hint on how to set up . Channels 2, 8 and 11 are great.

  96. First of all, all Antennas which were previously used with the Analog, are HDTV. You don’t need to change your antenna out for that reason. However, one must have an Antenna which will receive the VHF-hi and UHF bands to receive all that’s available here in Houston.

    Now, the most probable reasons for not receiving channels are…
    1) Your antenna is not pointed directly at the Missouri City Transmitter area.
    2) That you live on the northern area from Houston, and your antenna is not big enough.
    3) That your Coaxial Cable (same as what one uses for Cable) is in bad shape.

    The three VHF-hi channels are the weakest of all (106 channels for me). And no, I don’t watch all of them. That number includes the sub channels and some which are present, but aren’t transmitting at this time.

    Of the three above reasons, poor/no reception is most frequently caused by a improperly pointed Antenna, and this is something you can check on your own (DIY). Below, is a link to a website, where, you enter your address and height of the Antenna above ground, and it gives you the proper Compass direction which your Antenna should be pointed at.


    Also, if you don’t have a good resource for Program Listings, visit Titan TV at…

    Sometime people are uncomfortable about changing things like this, but, it’s good to know (even if you don’t understand it completely) what the processes are. Below, is a link to a website, where there are knowledgeable people, who will help you though any of the setup process.

    All of the above resources are free of charge.

  97. I just moved to my friend’s room upstairs, and she connected my flat screen into her AT&T, but I am looking for what it used to be 47.2 channel (Exitos TV) on my HDTV, and what’s 326 on Comcast… Thank you for this site and for all of your Help!! O;)

  98. Why won’t my Samsung Smart TV get Channel 11 (KHOU) anymore? All other channels will load except this.

  99. Our smart tv refuses to find Channel 2. It goes to the old non-digital channel 2. So we either enter directly or go up one step to digital 2. Your remote should have a . or – that will allow you to enter 11.1 or 11.2 directly.

  100. Sandra Williams

    I am interested, do you have any deals or sales.

  101. I live in the Eado area downtown and have had an antenna on my roof working fine for the last four years. Now for the last few months, every now and then I can not get channel 11 or 13. I have a problem believing it is the roof antenna or TV’s because the nights I can not get those channels on the two main TV’s, I can not pick them up on my computer or bedroom TV which have rabbit ears that usually work if I position them right.

    I have searched the internet to see if this is an isolated problem I am having but have had no luck. Have these channels been out for others lately? I am a little to the east of George R Brown so I was concerned about the tall buildings blocking me but the antennas worked for a very long time with no problem – even the rabbit ears. It is very frustrating since there is no one to call to find out if it is the towers themselves. And since the problem is intermittent, if I had someone come to my home, it would be very hit or miss if the problem would be occurring at that time.

    I have never had cable in my life but have been waiting for corporate America to end my love of free TV. Is this the beginning to the end? Of the few shows I watch, it seems they are all on these two channels. Suggestions?

  102. We’ve had more intermittent problems with Ch 2 over the past few weeks, but Ch 11 was flaky Sunday. We live within eyesight of the tower farm so it must be a problem with the signal transmission at the tower. It is weather dependent though. Heavy cloud cover seems to depress signal strength here.

  103. What is the cost and locations to purchase. I am in 77073. .

  104. How close to Houston do you have to bee

  105. yes when will live well on 13.2 and 13,3 go off the air and replaced with a new channel

  106. THOUGH no full power Lowband DTV stations exist in the Houston area, I recommend a 10-20 ft high RadioShack VU-90…with a Channel Master CM7777 amp at the antenna. There are some lowband LPs in Houston and when the repacking starts, some channels may move back to lowband. With RS closing all their stores, now is the time to get the antenna on closeout/clearance….Also the CM2016 is a copy of it iirc. With that combo, I was able to receive all Houston full power DTVs 100 miles away in Port Arthur 24/7…I eventually dropped the “locals” from DISH….since OTA, I was getting more anyway (using the 622 DVR rcvr…its OTA tuner is very good!)

    (IF you have DISH or DIRECTV, there is a special splitter you can buy that allows the sat rcvr to power the amp…thus you dont need a second coax run from inside to outside the house! You will have to install the splitter/diplexer inline outside where the coaxes would meet from the dish and outside antenna. IF DISH or DIRECT did the install, you will need coax connectors (preferably weatherproof), crimp tool and stripper to prepare the coax.
    You can get it via…You only need one (outside) to split DC to both the dish and the TV amp..this one is what you need outside
    Indoors, use a normal ONE POWER PORT pass diplexer….which allows the DC to pass from the SAT port TO the common port…

  107. Gonzalo Gonzalo

    Can u please add bein sports?

    • Gonzalo, you can watch Bein sports on the Slingtv app. It would be awesome if it was available OTA, but you can get it online from dish network via the Slingtv app.

  108. Looks like Fox is adding Buzzr on 26.2 on May 31st which will consist of game shows from Fremantle Media’s vast collection. Sounds like it will be what GSN used to be and I am stoked for it

  109. Looks like some classics in that stable of shows. Very cool.

  110. Qubo_in_Katy

    For those people who lost Qubo when they switched to a low power signal, I’ve struggled with the same problem for quite a while. My children have been missing their favorite TV shows because I refuse to pay outrageous cable bills. I previously had a Winegard antenna mounted inside my attic which was very difficult point because of its huge size. I also have an radiant barrier with foil backing making matters worse. I live in Cinco Southwest / Katy about 22 miles from the antenna farm which is too far away to pick up the Qubo signal from inside my attic. By studying the antenna maps in relation to my house position, I discovered that I have an attic wall and gable window that face close to the direction of the transmission towers. The only problem was the huge Winegaurd couldn’t get close enough to this wall for accurate pointing. After doing some research, I purchased a small antenna called “Antennas Direct – ClearStream 2V”. It’s very small so I could position it close to the window and attic wall with brick fascia (avoiding the foil radiant barrier). During the attic installation process, I used a small portable TV with a direct connection to the antenna for the best possible reception. I aimed it towards the antenna farm and it picked up Qubo very well with about 85% signal strength. The only problem is that I have a long cable run from the antenna into an 8-point distribution panel for the whole house. By the time the signal reached the individual TV outlets for each room, it was too weak to pick up. Instead of buying a booster, I decided to split the main antenna output with a splitter, and fed one line directly to the main family room outlet where most of the family watches TV. The signal and picture are great for the main TV. If I ever need to have Qubo in the other rooms, I suppose a booster might resolve the problem. For now my kids are happy and it was only a $100 investment plus my time. The payback on investment vs. cable bill is only 2 months payback so we’re very pleased.

  111. I believe what you need is called a “Distribution Amp”. You can get them up to a 30db gain, not that you may need that much. Some have adjustable output where you can set it at its best picture quality.

  112. I should add that the “better” quality Amps have a very low “Noise Factor”. This type amp does cost a bit more. But, once installed they last a very long time.

  113. KTRK has disappeared for me within the last two or three weeks. I live in Bellaire and have never had a problem receiving it before. Any help would be appreciated?

  114. KTRK is the weakest of our three VHF-hi stations. Since you’ve been ok with it in the past, I’d look at some maintenance on your Antenna/system, ie…

    Over a period of time, corrosion can be a problem. Often times, just closing and opening the horizontal elements on your antenna, will refresh the connection/joints, and better the signal.

    If your Coax/downlead and Balun are over 10 years old, you might consider replacing them.

    Even as close as you are to the Farm, accurate aiming is still quite important. If you can access a Signal Strength Meter, it will allow you to aim your Antenna in just the right in place.
    If that is not possible, you should click on the link below, enter your exact location and the height of your Antenna above ground (your info won’t be shown publically) and read the exact Azimuth where you can set your Antenna direction with a Compass.

    • Thank you Joe. I had already checked my antenna connection and it seemed fine. Yesterday I unscrewed it from the tv and reconnected it and KTRK is back.

  115. HoustonTVViewer

    All of a sudden, over the past couple of days, I’m not getting 47.3 (Cozi TV) on any of my TVs. Anyone else?

  116. Hellp! MST3K MAYDAY!!! What happened to 34.4 RetroTV — it has gone to color bars last couple of weeks??

    • We have lost it, too. We also have the old style antenna in the attic and have had no prior problems with it. I would love to know what to do to get it back.

  117. will me tv be in houston tx and decades too

  118. To borrow the old phrase from black and white tv days, “the fault does not lie with your set (or antenna)”. Ch 34 appears to be off the air for whatever reason.

  119. HoustonTVViewer

    20.4 BUZZR is now live in Houston. BUZZR airs old game shows (some very old), which I , personally, have always found pretty entertaining. Looks to be a good addition.

  120. My son is freaking out tonight. What happened to Smile of a Child channel 14.5? It was on yesterday but now salsa channel is showing. They did this with Qubo last year. Now we can barely get it on one tv and can’t get it at all on mine since being switched to 46.2. His first day of summer and they take away his favorite channel.

    • TBN has combined Juce and Smile of a Child into one channel. Try looking on 14.3 from 5 a.m. through 2 p.m. Juce airs the rest of the day.

    • Qubo_in_Katy

      For the Qubo problem, read my post above dated March 20, 2015 at 12:02. This might help you getting the signal back depending on your location. I don’t know about Smile of a Child channel 14.5.

  121. I think they moved these to 49.2, 49.3 and 49.4

    46.2 Qubo (U-verse 328)
    46.3 ION Life (U-verse 468)
    46.4 Shop TV

  122. New Resident – Great List and posts in the comment threads. We live at Lake Olympia and I can see the “farm” from the back of my house. I’m running a Channel Master SMARTenna from good old Frys… picked up today for $59. The question is… this thing is supposedly an OMNI and I’ve literally just got it standing vertical to the left of the HDTV with the antenna farm clearly in line of sight from it. Still, some signals are somewhat crappy… I did a scan and found 121 channels and about 10 I want to keep after I delete all the screaming and crying preacher channels. Any suggestions on positioning that el-cheapo antenna to get better reception? Thanks again – Bob

  123. Wow! 121! I live next door in Vicksburg but have only been able to tease out 60 or so. But I have an even cheaper antenna!

  124. I found that placing the ChannelMaster SMARTenna flat, just sitting on a file cabinet was better than the vertical orientation. Much better reception. Regarding the 121 channels the HDTV found, not all are view-able and some are audio only.. I will give you an accurate count of what I consider “worthy” viewing in a few days.

  125. Bob,
    From the way it sounds, the distribution of the Towers may be wider than your present antenna can see. Just to get a better picture of what you have available, I suggest you go to a Transmitter LookUp, and see what direction and span of beamwidth is necessary.
    This link will give you available channels, and which direction they are from your location.
    Be sure to scroll down the page, and enter the height of your antenna above ground.
    I’ll just mention that, we have both VHF-hi and UHF channels. You might take at your Antenna’s specs, and see if it will receive both.

  126. Channel 34.4 now seems to be Hot TV, which from a web search looks to be “wholesome programs from the 50’s and 60’s”. Alas no MST3K or Dr. Who, seems to be some Saturday Matinee-type bad sci fi movies though. Also very hard to get a decent signal.

  127. patricia redd

    The channel’s listed on you web site do not match my air box channels. What is the pro lem with this.

    • I need to update the channel listings. I don’t have an Airbox receiver so it’s hard for me to keep those up to date. What are you seeing?


        This is what’s available to me at my location

  128. New Channel popped up: 34.3 Rev’N TV.

  129. Channel 4 KAHO soon to be on the air. Build out at new tower north of downtown. Completion by November 8, 2015.

  130. Arthur Whitman

    I find it wonderful that some are still buff’s. I was raised here in “Heights”,1948.. Thank-you for the service you give. We slave for teck, but worm to the old TV friend. I amnot sure about the problems concerning digital-analog. However, no matter, I was watching Superman, & as many as I can smile to, as long as I live to…again Thank-you Sir

  131. I just installed an HDTV antenna today, but I don’t seem to be able to get either 39.2 (CW) or 57.1 (The Tube). Any suggestions?

  132. @alex you didn’t specify what kind of antenna, but from personal experience I can tell you small, indoor antennas will not work as well depending on where you live. I tried several top rated indoor units and none of them got me all the stations around 28 miles away from the Missouri City antenna farm. I installed an “outdoor” antenna mounted in the attic and it was a huge improvement.

  133. An HD antenna with an amplifier will work much better than a standard one.

  134. You must understand, that the HYPE about getting an HD Antenna is only to coax you to buy a product you already have, if you have an Antenna. There is NO difference in our old Antennas, than the a new one, and the older ones may be more capable than a new one, and will receive HD signals.

    If you have an older system, you may need new Cable and some distribution components, but not the Antenna, unless it’s damaged. A good and fair Installer, can look at your antenna and tell you what condition it’s in and if there is a need for replacement.

  135. 20.3 is now Decades TV, as of 10/2.

  136. what happened to live well tv on 13.2 on suddenlink here in brenham tx what will replace it

  137. 2,3 is showing the Heroes and Icons channel. According to a press release, they’ll be airing all 5 Star Trek franchises next year so that should be big for fans and an alternative to that CBS Access deal.

  138. I scanned my channels but it took one of the channel that I like how can I get channel 11.2 Bounce tv back on my RCA analog box

  139. What are air box prices after purchase of digital box for 99.00 dollars…. How does this air box work opposed to cable as a cheaper benefit…. Thank you

  140. JoeFM, an internet-based classic hits station, has found a temporary home on 38.9. The station will relocate to channel 4 early next year.

  141. Can i get AMC , USA or SIFI channel some how threw Airbox for a premium channel ?

  142. Happened on channel 38.5 in the Houston local channel sometime between 1:00 – 2:15 a.m. A show geared to a college aged market of praise and worship with long periods of music as a back drop to silent adoration ending with the acceptance of salvation. Two men of color ended the program. Was under a spiritual annointent and could only see spiritually not the physical; therefore, can not visually tell you much, other than the spiritual connection experienced. Was wholly and Holy plugged into the Creator in spiritual and Holy adoration. Would like to continue the experience. Trying to certain myself of the time, location and channel. Please confirm.

  143. my QVC air has disappeared 51-6, was it moved or no longer being broadcast?

  144. We are in the Spring/Klein are and went to antenna several months ago. All was going well until last weekend we suddenly stopped getting Channel 8. Any tips on how to get it back?

    • Ch 8 is not one of our strongest signals (a VHF-hi). It’s important that you have your antenna pointed directly at the transmitter (in Missouri City) and, have chosen an Antenna which is sensitive enough to deal with strength fluctuations due to atmospheric conditions.
      It would be helpful to know what kind of Antenna you have, and see a Chart on your exact location.

  145. I get the premium sub movie channels on 49 on a non airbox converter box, how can I pay for them ? Or do I need a airbox brand box?

  146. Thank you very much for the updated list it is great to find AMEN TV listed under the proper channel. Please help inform your audience that though the name is AMEN it is not a christian channel rather it is a secular English speaking African Tv station and the acronym AMEN is actually African Movies Entertainment & News Television. The website is: Thank you very much.

  147. Hi how can I be in contact with owners at KAHO-LD, KUVM-LD,

  148. Greta J Kirkland

    The only time I have any trouble with broadcast TV on my antenna is 49 (ION) when it rains. Even a little bit. Even with doing a channel reset, it usually can’t find it again until the next day.

  149. former marine

    I live in the 77070 zip code. I purchased a high definition tv at Sams Club. And went to the dollar store, and purchased a antenna. I ended up mounting the antenna hanging off of my bed vertical pole at about a 30 degree angle. I get about 45 high definition channels. I did have to buy an extension cable for the antenna and a female to female fitting to connect to the antenna and extension. I went to wallyworld and purchased a RCA high definition antenna for $30 bucks, it came with a amplifier and 20 ft of cable. This antenna I mounted onto a 16 ft. extension ladder. This was for my moms living room high definition tv. After first mounting the antenna at near the ceiling in the living room, I got 60 channels. I then connected the antenna to the 16 ft. ladder. Raised antenna to maw. extension of ladder. I then got 100 channels. Even Bryan College Station! The higher the antenna the better the reception. Also after much research all I would need is a 30 mile antenna. Outstanding site sir, showing all the tv stations, and all the advice is a fantastic source of valuable information. Cable tv is a rip off!

    • GOOD FOR YOU !!!
      Getting enough height and pointing your antenna in the right direction is the key, as you have found, and over 100 channels is common for the Houston area.

      Not everyone has the incentive to actually set up a system like Former Marine has. Here’s a website where you can discuss your particular needs, and get advice about everything you’ll need to receive HDTV OTA (over the air/via an antenna) FOR FREE.!#post57052

    • Nice work. If you can’t rig your antenna to the roof, sometimes you can also put it in the attic for even more elevation. Success in the attic depends on the type of insulation you have under your roof. I did this same thing following advice on this blog about three years ago and have helped a handful of others dump their cable. If you find you miss the channel guide and DVR, the TiVo Roamio works well and you can get one for $50 + $14/month.

  150. 30 deg is the wrong direction for you. You should point your antenna at 170 magnetic, or 174 deg true. Here’s what you should get…

  151. Shawn K. Quinn

    As of the date and time of this comment:

    38.5 has programming, 38.6 is black screen, 38.7 and 38.8 are color bars (.7 has audio).
    Dyle has been gone for over a year, so references to it should be removed.
    55.7 now has programming (Vietnamese).

  152. Hi
    Can anyone get me in contact with ch 10 .
    I have been trying to lease ch 4 for over 6 months but no luck .

  153. Most of these stations should even be on. They are a waist of time with the garbage and piss poor quality they show!

  154. J.M. Jacobs

    Out of the over 100 channels I can scan, only 9-10 are worth watching.

    • Twenty-five channels worth a look off and on for me, just sayin. Still be nice of there was one set standard for a 4:3 and 16:9 broadcast, respectively, so I didn’t have to change my ‘Zoom’ feature setting(4 settings total) all the time with different channels. The FCC still needs to crack down on that, getting OTR broadcasters to settle on a format for both 4:3 and 16:9.

  155. Steve Bannerman

    Would be nice to know what’s up, we used to get most channels 2 thru 67 now we’re only getting 3.1, 3.2 all of 13 channels, maybe it’s just my antenna

    • Since you’re getting KBTX I assume you’re in the northwest part of the area. It may be a problem with your antenna. Are you getting the other B/CS stations?

  156. Steve, you should be getting near 100 channels (not that you’d be interested in all). You first need to see if your Antenna is pointed in the right direction.
    Go to fill out the info, which will not be shown publically, and be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the page and enter the height that the Antenna is installed at.
    When the analysis page shows, take a look at the far right column.
    That is the Magnetic Azimuth that your Antenna should be pointing.
    If not…adjust.

  157. Please can you link AMEN TV CH. 15.2 to its website I will really appreciate it. Thanks – IIB

  158. Why can’t I receive CCTV on my antennae tv in houston

  159. AMEN TV Houston on KVVV channel 15.2 can also be seen online at

  160. This is a great site and service that you provide. We cut the cord about a year ago and have not missed the 100+ stations that we never watched.
    We have an inside-the-attic antenna and all channels are fine except KPRC, channel 2.1.
    I get a message about reorienting the antenna / weak signal and it only seems to happen
    when there are T-storms in the area. Every other channel is fine. Am I crazy or does the storm affect KPRC and leave the others alone ?
    And is there anything that I can do to resolve this ?
    We live in NW Houston, 77064.

    Thanks again,

  161. Hmmm, channel 35 ?
    I get KPRC on 2.1, so do I need do something to tune in to 35 ?
    I tried to go directly to 35 and 35.1 and nothing happens. IE, it stays on the current channel.
    My weird reasoning was along these lines. KPRC broadcasts at a frequency of
    Kilo or Mega or Giga Hrtz. Lightning and whatever goes on in T-Storms, overlaps these frequencies so they interfere with the KPRC signal.
    Probably nonsense but my mind goes to mysterious places.


  162. I can’t pick up channel 13 or 11 in my apt.

  163. Jason. you need an Antenna which receives VHF-hi and UHF to catch all the channels from south of us. Or, is it possible you don’t have your Antenna pointed almost due south ? Can you pick up Ch 8.1 ?

  164. Roberto Johnson

    I live Spring, TX 77379. Just purchased a Flat Wave indoor HDTV antena, and no luck getting ABC? Any suggestions, have it set up on the wall close to my window, can get around 40 or so, all the major channels but 0 13. Help….

  165. Given your distance, those indoor small antennas usually don’t make the trip to Missouri City, where the Transmitters are. And, many do not pick up the VHF-hi frequencies, which our channels 8, 11 &13 are transmitted on. You, with a good Antenna, should be picking up over 100 channels, not that all would be of interest.

  166. Roberto Johnson

    So what is my solution?

  167. Roberto, I’d need to know a bit more about your system and location to answer that, and I’m not sure that this is the place to do that.
    I know of a very good website, where your situation can be discussed by some very professional people. Most are retired TV Installers, who want to help anyone get better reception. It’s a free website and they won’t attempt to sell you anything.
    Just good advice on what you can and can’t do.

    Just click below, register if you’d like to, ask what you need to furnish them with…

  168. Roberto, I live north of you ( 77385 ). I went through the flat antennas and they didn’t work for me. I bought a ClearStream 4. I have it about 30 feet from the ground, facing 190 on my chimney-box, attached with a J-mount. I’ve heard of guys up here that have the big Winegards in their attic. I chose the CS4 because it’s small enough for our deed restrictions.

  169. Please do you know of any free tv channel for lease in Houston.
    We need one as soon as possible.

  170. Benjamin Okadigbo

    How do I place an add?

    Benjamin Okadigbo

  171. Hi,

    I live in an apartment complex in the houston medical center and am unable to get any channels (using just standard bunny ears). Anyone else with the same problem? How big of an antenna do I need to go with? Thanks for the help.

    • You should be able to receive a number of stations. I live a few blocks to the west of the medical center and have no trouble. I’ve used a Mohu Metro antenna and got a good number of stations. The Mohu Leaf 30 mile is better. Both antennas are available from Amazon, and other places. I’m currently using the Leaf 30, which picks up plenty of stations from inside my house.

    • First, make sure your TV is digital, and not an older box set (they need a special adapter to receive broadcast digital). With digital TVs you can use ANY antenna, and the simple $5-10 antennas found on Amazon or Ebay will work fine (most look like a flat paddle with a coax cable coming out of it), and rabbit ears should work fine too – just try to get whatever antenna you choose near a high window (as line-of-sight as possible).

      Most importantly, you must run a channel scan on your TV each time to you change or adjust your antenna! I live in far west Houston (near Katy) and use a large rooftop antenna (in my attic) and my scans net 80+ channels. I’m surprised how many relatively good channels there are in Houston (if you like old movies and TV series, like I do, sometimes).

      Good luck!

  172. You could try an antenna with a built-in amplifier. However, you should be able to get 2, 11, 13 with what you have, so check your tv settings and the hookup to be sure they are correct.

  173. Suddenly channel 57 is no longer transmitting to my TV. I live in Sunnyside, in Houston, Tx. All I get is snow! What happened?

  174. Channel 34.1 (MundoMax) disappeared on Oct 31 (there abouts). A friend confirms the same. Still receiving 34.2 and 34.3. Sent MundoMax an email. No reply. ???

  175. William Pearson

    Is Airbox a way for Antenna consumers to have access to HBO, Showtime , and other premium stations that are priced out of the average consumes’ budgets

  176. Warren Clifford

    Consider a smart tv, TiVo, Amazon Fire or Roku device. With an internet connection, you can subscribe to the premium content you’re interested in and watch on your TV.

  177. Does anyone know where I can find a schedule for all (or most) Houston area broadcast TV channels (including the .1s and .2s etc. subchannels)? Thanks!

  178. Schedule for overt the Air TV can be found here:

    • Is there a trick to finding Houston area broadcast digital TV channels on TitanTV? All I see is a Spring cable line-up. I’m hoping to find the schedules for local channels like 20.2, 20.4 or 57.4 and 67.2, 67.3, etc. (sometimes marked as D20-2, and D20-4, etc.)

  179. OK, I found it – need to click “+” sign, as using regular Search box brings up “No Results Found”. Exactly what I was looking for! Thanks, gridlockjoe and Robert!

    • This is nice as it has 2 weeks of programming with new/repeat info. But why is this available on a website but my Channel Master Dvr+ which has access to the internet only gets ~12 hours of programming data? What is ironic is that there is an ad on this page for the DVR+

  180. Mahrukh Zaidi

    I used to watch cctv in houston tx on hd basic tv on antenna on 55.2 they charged to cgtn now I can not..please help..appreciated.

  181. I thought for sure God TV would be listed as available in the Houston DTV area. So far, i haven’t seen it listed. So now, ROKU Express (at $29.99) seems to be my only option to receive God TV. If anyone will weigh in on this, I’d appreciate your input. As well, if anyone has ROKU Express in the SW Houston area, what other free DTV channels are available to us?

  182. Charlie Warlie

    I just bought a positively reviews moleaf amplified antenna, have it up high and I’m right off of Fondren/Bissonnet in SW Hou. I’m only picking up about 25% of the listed channels, with the others saying “No signal” like it’s not even plugged in. The channels I get are great. But I can’t find a website for the Houston Air TV to see if something’s down or what. Is there a converter or something I need? Everything is all new stuff. It’s a 40″ HD TV with the usual HDMI, VGA and antenna input. But it’s an off brand TV. Is it possible they have an old style antenna input and a converter is needed? Thanks

    • Sorry, but this was not my original post re:God TV availability. Thanks

      Sent from my iPhone


    • If you run any decent TV antenna (even old rabbit-ears) directly into your digital TV antenna input you should able to see most of the channels listed (I received ~180 channels on my last scan via rooftop antenna in my attic, way out in Cypress area). I suspect you’re connecting your antenna and then expecting to see these channels instantly, but the missing step here may be – you need to run a “Scan” (on your TV) of all available channels. In fact, we all need to run a channel scan every few weeks or months, as changes to the channel line-up appear to happen quite regularly. And no converter is needed with digital TVs, only with old tube/box type TVs. Hope this helps!

  183. Charlie Warlie

    Thanks, major help! I’ve gained some more channels, but some local ones a few miles away are strangely missing and have terrible signal. I don’t know, maybe this antenna isn’t very good, hmm

  184. This info is VERY HELPFUL!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!! Now if I could only find an antenna that will pick up all stations and hold the signal. Any recommendations?

    • Robert Rice

      Mohu Leaf 30 is pretty good for a small, simple and inexpensive antenna. BUT – all antennas (especially small and inexpensive ones) need to be placed correctly. That means in general – that higher is better than lower, outside or closer to outside is better than in an interior room, at a window is better then on a wall, and most importantly the antenna needs to face the cluster of TV towers south of town. The antenna must face North and South – with the plane of the antenna material running E and W.

  185. Channel 11 down? CBS seems to have gone off air for Antenna Users in the suburbs of Houston.

  186. Hello, I am unable to get channel 57.1 hope you can help. Thanks a bunch and have a good day.

  187. Are you able to receive 57.2 or the other 57. stations?

  188. I’ve been in a two Apartments in the past four years and haven’t had cable I use an antenna and in my last apartment and in this one I cannot pick up Channel 13. It will never come in and I’m in Spring Texas please fix I can’t even watch footbal

  189. Channel 11.2 BounceTv and 11.3 Justice Network has been out since last weekend during Hurricane Harvey. 11.1 also went off when they had to evacuate the building live. Hours later 11.1 was back up and running but not 11.2 or 11.3. Anyone know what’s going on? Thank you

  190. Houston OTA Fan

    Given that LIGHTtv (KRIV 26.2) went live in mid-July of this year. Maybe time to update the Houston TV Dial list?

  191. 11-2 the bounce tv network isnt working and hasnt been working since hurricane harvey made landfall whats going on . the justice networker too which is 11-3

  192. Why can’t I get channel 11 on antenna tv, do I need to buy the converter box?

  193. okay thanks for starter listing I live in the heights and with a non-amplified indoor antenna ( 19.99$ at fry’s (09/22/17) called Micro flatwave hd antenna Stated to reach 30 Miles I get following channels. I realize mileage depends on antenna and people’s location. but if someone was wondering in mid Houston area what it would look like, here is my list.( I got a few channels that you did not have in your list and some have moved around)

    2.1 NBC
    2.2 This TV
    2.3 Heroes & Icons

    8.1 PBS
    8.2 Create
    8.3 PBS Kids
    8.4 Turning Sight into Sound Radio (live stream)
    8.5 KUHA Classical 91.7
    8.6 KUHF News 88.7

    11.1 CBS
    11.2 Bounce TV
    11.3 Justice Network

    13.1 ABC
    13.2 Live Well
    13.3 Laff

    14.1 TBN
    14.2 The Church Channel
    14.3 Smile of a Child / JCTV
    14.4 TBN Enlace USA
    14.5 TBN Salsa

    20.1 MyNetworkTV
    20.2 Movies!
    20.3 Decades
    20.4 Buzzr

    22.1 Daystar
    26.1 Fox
    26.2 LIGHT TV

    30.1 Aleluya TV
    30.2 Fancam
    KZHO-LD (RF 39) (broadcasting from the JPMorgan Chase Tower downtown) (Low power)
    38.1 Visión Celestial (live stream)
    38.2 Vida Vision (live stream)
    38.3 Visión Celestial (live stream)
    38.4 Religious
    38.5 Color bars
    38.6 Religious
    38.7 Color bars
    38.8 Iglesia Cristiana TV
    38.9 Joe FM

    39.1 CW
    39.2 Antenna TV
    39.3 Comet

    43.1 Multimedios Television
    43.2 Millennium Broadcasting Channel
    43.3 Television de Houston
    43.5 Urban Houston Network
    43.6 Infomercials
    43.7 Infomercials
    43.8 Infomercials

    45.1 Univisión
    45.2 KFTH
    45.3 Escape

    47.1 Telemundo
    47.2 TelExitos TV
    47.3 Cozi TV

    49.1 Ion
    49.2 Qubo
    49.3 ION Life
    49.4 Shop TV
    49.5 QVC

    51.1 Azteca América
    51.2 QVC OTA
    51.3 SGN-TV Saigon Network Television
    51.4 NDT-TV New Tang Dynasty Television (live stream)
    51.5 QVC PLUS
    51.6 VietGM TV
    51.7 EVINE (Vietnamese)

    55.1 Mega TV Spanish
    55.2 WCETV (CCTV News)
    55.3 Nancion, Spanish
    55.4 ABTV, Chinese
    55.5 ITV Houston, Chinese (live stream)
    55.5 VAN TV, Vietnamese (live stream)
    55.6 VFTV, Vietnamese

    56.1 Indonesian? Indian? Pakistanese? (DIYA-TV)

    57.1 KUBE TV (the Kube Houston)
    57.2 Charge!
    57.3 BYN, Vietnamese
    57.4 MeTV
    57.5 VieneVision
    57.7 Mi Raza

    61.1 Estrella TV

    67.1 Telefutura
    67.2 GetTV
    67.3 Grit
    67.4 Justice TV

  194. What is going on with 49.1 ION. Is it them going down. Or has my attenna shifted. I’ve been in the same house for 4yrs. Never had a problem even after Harvey. Past few nights it’s been cutting off about midnight. Today bam a little bit after noon. Before that it was fine. Help??

    • me too
      so i did search & Ion TV says to re-scan since they have made some changes across US. I did re-scan on 2 diff tvs & NOTHING.
      so what is going on?

      • Houston OTA Fan

        After weeks of no signal (approximately coinciding with the arrival of Harvey), ION now appears to be back on the Houston OTA “dial.”

  195. 39.4 is currently broadcasting TBD (you can check it out on

  196. Hi
    I live in Lamarque Tx 15 miles from Galveston. What type of antenna do I need to get the basic channels 2-11-13-26 etc. Trying to cut the cord.

  197. Richard Carreira

    What is the cost.I live in a senior citizens apartment

    • Richard – cost is very small. If you live in Houston, you likely would be able to easily receive plenty of free over the air TV. Three major networks (ABC, NBC, CBS), FOX, and then some other channels including old movies/old tv shows.

      The only cost is an antenna. Today’s TV antennas are small, about the size and shape of a sheet of paper. You can thumbtack up on a wall. You will get the best reception if you can face the antenna towards the South.

      One brand is Mohu Leaf antenna- the model 50 is about $60 or a bit less. That is the only cost, no monthly subscription cost.

      If you are used to cable TV, one difference is that there is no recording system. Your TV will let you watch what is on right now. You can add a DVR feature for around $250 or so. Search for “Tablo OTA DVR” there are three different models. For best results, the DVR needs an internet connection, so it can download channel guide data off the internet. That does require a subscription.

  198. Why is. 11.4 Quest not listed?

    • Life has been happening and I haven’t had the time to devote to this blog that I should.

      • Thanks for the headaches.
        Quest wasn’t around in September for that last list.
        I have 4 antennas outside, 3 on emt pipe of 2 lengths bought at Lowe’s (or HD).
        U can use old aerial antennas, especially if you mount vertically similar to these FLATs.
        Do not allow the coaxial R-6 or better to bend,
        & check the copper is never bent, & long to make all contacts inside.
        5-16-018 I have lost early A.M. reception on many channels recently, Wondering if they were tuning or maintenance problems.
        Re-found this listing, reset several RFs .
        West of Spring, Tx

        Apartments need to set up 1 antenna group per building, with simple splitters (6, 10?).
        Renters also need High Voltage Limiters,
        for evil people / lightning.
        Also, recommend UPS Battery Backup for TVs & Computers – then, buy noisy Air Purifiers/dust collectors, maybe 4 per room (large rooms, lots electronics).

  199. For those trying to solve the DVR gap when going to antenna, I recommend the TiVo Roamio OTA. I bought mine from Fry’s over a year ago for around $50. TiVo also sells the Roamio with a lifetime plan for $399. The difference is I pay $15/mo for the channel guide without the lifetime plan. So, sometime next year it will have been cheaper for me to buy the lifetime plan. The user interface just changed about a month ago, it looks like Xfinity a bit. The Roamio does a nice job searching both the OTA channel guide and content services (Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, YouTube) and presents it all almost seamlessly. I used to have a TiVo XL Series and the Roamio is much better for OTA. A nice feature with the new UI is multiple channel displays (favorites, all, etc). I keep it on favorites ( Channels 2, 3, 8, 11, 13, 20, 26, 39, 57 ) about 90% of the time. BTW, I’m in The Woodlands, I have a Clearstream4 on the roof (at about 30ft elevation) no signal boosters, etc. When I scan, I get about 100 channels. I get the CBS station ( CH 3 ) from Bryan most days.

  200. what happened to this tv

  201. Remove Airbox channels from Houston lineup they are now defunct!

  202. In the TV repace KCVH-LD aka Radio Aleluia is losing its channel 30 to.make way for Univision. They have filed a displacement application asking the FCC to move to TV channel 6. This, understandavly, has ruffled feathers at JoeFM, which not only operate on TV channel 38.9 but also at the upper end of Channel 6 on 87.9 FM. Citing contractual rights and an informal promise by the FCC allowing the Franken-FM to continue operating until the sunset of all analog broadcasting in 2021, JoeFM has filed a formal petition to deny KCVH-LD’s displacement.

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