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Where oh where has my Qubo gone?

Viewers may have noticed recently that KPXB channel 49 has lost its subchannels. Main ION programming remains on channel 49.1, but Qubo, ION Life and infomercials disappeared from 49.2 through 49.4.

KPXB also carries the Airbox subscription service. To make room for more bandwidth for Airbox, the ION subchannels have moved down the dial to low-power sister station KBPX-LD, channel 46. This will make these channels harder to receive in most of the area, since KBPX’s signal doesn’t reach as far as KPXB’s.

You’ll now find Qubo on 46.2, ION Life on 46.3, ION Shop on 46.4, QVC on 46.5, and HSN on 46.6.


The subchannel shuffle

There are some new subchannel spottings this week on the Houston dial.

KVVV channel 15 has dropped EduSat from 15.8, marking that channel for lease. (Contact information on the dial page.) African-American-oriented Distinction TV has moved from KUGB 28.5 to KVVV 15.5.

Running a sizzle reel (more like a simmer reel) on KVVV 15.6 is KFTB, targeting Fort Bend County with “family programming, local content, sports, events and entertainment.”

LATV has moved from full-power KYAZ 51.6 to low-power KUGB 28.6.

KZHO 38.4 and 38.6 are airing an online radio station called “Manà, Un Sonido Diferente”.

New on KBPX 46.3 is Ion’s shopping channel, Shop TV. ShopTV won’t fit on Ion’s main station, KPXB, due to the Airbox MPEG-4 paycast.

KTMD 47.3, Soi TV, has gone off the air on all Telemundo stations nationwide. Its only air coverage now is on low-power stations in New York and Los Angeles.

KYAZ 51.5 has switched from Global TiVi to NT Entertainment. 51.6 is now showing infomercials.

And finally, KZJL 61.3 has turned on a test pattern.

So I tried a new antenna.

I went to Fry’s yesterday and picked up a small amplified antenna. The only viable place for me to locate the antenna is in the window, and since I’m on the ground floor, with only east-facing windows, I didn’t hold out much hope seeing anything more than I saw before.

After much moving the antenna around, I finally found a position that would let me pick up the two stations I was having the most trouble receiving, KZHO and KBPX. Still no luck picking up KDHU, and KUGB has disappeared from my scan as well. Anyone still seeing channel 28?

Anyone seeing KDHU-LD, channel 7?

Trip Ericson alerted me to the fact that Daystar has applied for a license for its new low power station on channel 7. I tried a rescan on my set this morning, and the TV tried to lock in on channel 7, but ultimately failed to lock in. (Same is happening for me on channels 28, 46 and 50 (KBTX Bryan).)

Maybe it’s time for me to try a new antenna?

KBPX press release


NASHVILLE, Tenn., Nov. 23, 2010 /PRNewswire/ — The Country Network (TCN), a country music video television network located on Music Row in Nashville, TN, is on the air on KBPX, Channel 46.1! It can currently be viewed by all television households with the ability to receive over-the-air channels. TCN will be working with KBPX owner ION Media Networks to obtain carriage on Houston cable systems and the satellite providers.

Country music is America’s most popular music genre. TCN fills a niche by bringing country music videos to free over-the-air television. TCN will be the only television network dedicated exclusively to airing country music videos. TCN will be “all Country Music, all the time.”

“I am very excited to begin broadcasting and bring country music television to the many fans in Houston,” said Warren Hansen, CEO of TCN. “Country is one of the most popular music formats and until now it has been difficult for fans to see more than a handful of their favorite videos. TCN is committed to change this, and is delighted to have such a great partner in ION and KBPX. We are available now to homes receiving their television over-the-air, and hope to announce agreements with cable systems shortly. If you are a country music fan and a cable or satellite subscriber, I urge you to contact your provider about our availability.”

CobbCorp, Cobb, LeClair & Graves Partners (CLG), and Clocktower Partners are advising TCN.

About The Country Network

The Country Network (“TCN”) is an innovative music video network dedicated to providing today’s country music enthusiasts more choices in televised and digital programming. TCN will be the only television network dedicated exclusively to airing country music videos. TCN will be “all Country Music, all the time”. TCN offers broadcasters a turn-key solution to utilizing their digital channel capacity, while attracting the largest music audience. TCN: It’s Your Country!

About ION Media Networks

ION Media Networks, Inc. owns and operates the nation’s largest broadcast television station group and ION Television, which reaches over 98 million U.S. television households via its nationwide broadcast television, cable and satellite distribution systems. It features popular TV series and movies from the award winning libraries of CBS Television, NBC Universal, Sony Pictures Television, Twentieth Television and Warner Bros., among others. Using its DTV spectrum capacity, the Company has launched new digital TV brands, including Qubo, the nation’s only nationwide over-the-air kids network, and ION Life, a channel dedicated to active living and personal growth. It also has launched Open Mobile Ventures Corporation, a unit focused on the development of portable, mobile and out-of-home transmission technology using over-the-air digital television spectrum. For more information, visit

Contact: or (615) 564-7167

SOURCE The Country Network

KBPX-LP back on?

A poster on AVS Forums says he’s seeing a weak signal on channel 46 with The Country Network. I do not see this signal in Westchase. Anyone else see it?