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TBD finds local home on KIAH

Sinclair’s multicast network TBD has landed on Tribune’s (soon to be Sinclair’s) KIAH 39.4.

Here’s how TBD describes itself: “You love TV. And you love the internet. So you’re definitely gonna love TBD: a new free broadcast network that combines the best of both worlds. We handpick the most entertaining stuff from the most creative creators and put it on your TV for a new adventure every day. Everything from culinary capers, jaw-dropping action, hilarious pranks and comedy, music, fitness, gaming, or just random awesomeness that you never knew you needed in your life. If it’s what’s new or what’s next, it’s on TBD.”

The channel also broadcasts online at Beaumont area viewers can see TBD on Sinclair’s KBTV 4.2.



It’s alive! Except when it’s not…

(This post has been edited: I jumped the gun. KAHO has only applied for their license to cover, not been granted it yet.)

As I predicted last month, Hosanna Apostolic Missionaries Broadcasting Corporation has applied for a license to cover its application to move KAHO-LD channel 4 from the Devers tower in Liberty County to a location in Mont Belvieu just off I-10 and state highway 146. This means the station says it’s through with construction, and the station is on the air according to their application.

To prove a point, I drove out to the purported transmitter location to see if channel 4 was broadcasting. (Its 100-watt power drastically limits the station’s potential coverage area.) Sure enough, with my TV located only a few meters away from the purported transmitter, I received no signal at all on channel 4, either analog or digital.

I then drove to Devers, to within line-of-sight of the earlier purported transmitter location. The only signal I received at that location was KBTV-DT from Beaumont.

I can make no representation that KAHO-LD has ever been on the air. I can only say it was not on the air today, the day after it applied for its license to cover the construction permit that moved it to Mont Belvieu.

The FCC may finally be coming around to the problem of “zombie stations”. Today it has asked the licensee of W250BN, an FM translator in West Allis, Wisconsin to justify its hop-skip-and-jump move from Beloit, Wisconsin. This instance is being handled by the Audio Division of the Media Bureau; the problem is the same with low-power TV stations.