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KCVH’s higher antenna OKd by FCC

The Federal Communications Commission has approved KCVH-LD’s application to raise its antenna from 317 to 401 meters above ground level.


KCVH files for higher antenna position

The current antenna for KCVH-LD channel 30 is at 317m above ground level. The station has now applied to the FCC for permission to raise that antenna to a height of 401m. A higher antenna position would certainly help more people receive the signal.

Aleluya TV is on the air (partly)

Aleluya TV has started broadcasting over KCVH 30.1. It’s carrying a religious format; I can’t tell whether it’s in English or Spanish because the station isn’t transmitting any sound right now.

KCVH now teasing “Aleluya TV”

Aleluya TV was the branding the station used for the last few days it was on in analog format. This weekend, KCVH switched from color bars to a slideshow promoting “Aleluya TV viene pronto en Houston”. (Aleluya TV coming soon to Houston)

KCVH takes to the air

Thanks to tvlover for the tip that KCVH-LD is on the air with color bars on channel 30.1.

In its analog days, KCVH was affiliated with the LAT TV network, but ceased broadcasting when the network folded. KCVH was last on the air in February 2010 in analog format for a couple of days as prospective buyers “kicked the tires” of the station, identifying as “Aleluya TV”. It’s now in digital format with a weak signal (2/10) at my location.

Expect a religious format on this station.

Things you find while digging around on the FCC web site

Daij Media, the licensee of the not-currently-on-the-air KCVH-LP on channel 30, also has a construction permit for a digital low-power station in Bay City: K22JW-D, channel 22. This low-power signal has no chance of making it into Houston. My guess is that it will air the same religious programming as KCVH-LP will when it returns to the air.