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Flea-powered Daystar translator files for power hike

Daystar has filed an application to increase the effective radiated power of its translator, KDHU-LD channel 50 (physical channel 7) from 300 watts to 3 kW.

This channel runs Daystar network programming 24 hours a day. It simulcasts Daystar’s full-power station, KLTJ channel 22, except during some locally-originated programs.

The current 300 W signal is barely viewable outside the immediate area of Missouri City and southwest Houston.


This year’s most unnecessary simulcast goes to…

Daystar’s KDHU-LD, on channel 50 (RF channel 7), which is simulcasting co-owned KLTJ with single-track Daystar programming.

KDHU-LD was classified as a “digital companion station” to the old analog KDHU, channel 50. Never heard of that one? That’s because it’s licensed to Louise with a (theoretical) tower in El Campo. The digital companion station zombie-walked its way onto the Missouri City tower.

KDHU-LD is broadcasting with 300 watts of power, meaning reception is going to be difficult outside the immediate radius of the Missouri City towers. At home, my set tries to lock on but can’t manage to seize the signal. I was finally able to take my portable TV out to Missouri City and verify that it’s on the air.

Since the station is repeating KLTJ, there’s no need to do a rescan for this one, even if you could get it.

I suspect Daystar is prepping KDHU for sale. It’s useless to them otherwise since it is co-sited with KLTJ.

So I tried a new antenna.

I went to Fry’s yesterday and picked up a small amplified antenna. The only viable place for me to locate the antenna is in the window, and since I’m on the ground floor, with only east-facing windows, I didn’t hold out much hope seeing anything more than I saw before.

After much moving the antenna around, I finally found a position that would let me pick up the two stations I was having the most trouble receiving, KZHO and KBPX. Still no luck picking up KDHU, and KUGB has disappeared from my scan as well. Anyone still seeing channel 28?

Anyone seeing KDHU-LD, channel 7?

Trip Ericson alerted me to the fact that Daystar has applied for a license for its new low power station on channel 7. I tried a rescan on my set this morning, and the TV tried to lock in on channel 7, but ultimately failed to lock in. (Same is happening for me on channels 28, 46 and 50 (KBTX Bryan).)

Maybe it’s time for me to try a new antenna?