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KFTH to get “GetTV” movie channel in fall

Classic movie channels are the fastest growing genre of digital TV subchannels. Now Sony Pictures Television is launching a new channel called GetTV, and Univision will be partnering in the launch in 24 markets, including Houston.

Expect GetTV to launch on KFTH channel 67.2 this fall.

Update: GetTV has announced February 3, 2014 as its start date.



Must be some tower maintenance going on today. KETH, KTMD, KUBE, and KFTH are all off the air this morning. All four stations are on the southwest-most of the towers at Missouri City.

(At 6:59, KFTH and KUBE came back on. KTMD came back just after 7:00.)

Telestai is still off on 34.1. The station was testing the signal over the weekend, and had audio playing for a while, but no video. This morning, no audio, but a screenshot of Google Chrome… that must be what they’re using to play the Internet stream.

Over on KTRK, the “Live Well HD Network” is now simply “Live Well Network”. Belo picked up the channel for most of its stations (not KHOU, obviously) but will be airing it in standard definition, causing the name change. The station is still in 720p here in Houston.