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Displacement applications start to come in

The low-power stations that are being displaced by the repacking of the broadcast spectrum that starts late this year must either file for a new frequency, share with another station, or go silent.

Three of those stations have filed applications with the FCC to move to a new frequency. KEHO is filing for frequency 29, citing evidence that they feel show that the station won’t interfere in a meaningful way with full-power KITU Beaumont or KYLE Bryan-College Station.

Also filing are KHLM and KUVM-LD. However, these applications are mutually exclusive as they are both seeking frequency 10. The FCC will have to decide this one.

No applications for the other low-power stations have been filed yet.


It’s alive! ALIVE! “Zombie” KQHO comes to life, plus more channel changes

There’s lots of channel changes tonight, so grab the remote and your scorecard and let’s start scanning.

The big news tonight is that one of Houston’s “zombie” stations has finally come to life! KQHO-LD is broadcasting over channel 20, former frequency home of KTXH, and is identifying with its former analog channel number (from back when it was alive in Beaumont), channel 56. KQHO is transmitting from downtown Houston along with its sister, KZHO.

Other channel changes to look for:

KUVM-LD 10.4 adds QVC, and Revenue Frontier infomercials slip down to 10.7.

KVVV has found a tenant for 15.7. The Perfect Creation Network (281-330-0273 or 832-893-7433) is running a promotional loop heralding an April launch with home shopping, news, movies, talk and Christian programming.

Thanks also to Bryan S. for the tip on KHLM 43.4 switching to infomercials.

Finally, KUVM-CD 34.3 RTV moves down one slot to 34.4, making way for QVC in 34.3. Also, 34.2, lately TheCoolTV, is now showing color bars and no PSIP short name (the seven-letter tag you see when tuning in to the station).

No PSIP label? No viewers on TiVo

I came across a problem with over-the-air stations and TiVo. KHLM is no longer providing a PSIP label for its stations on channel 43, and it appears that without that label, TiVo boxes cannot tune in those stations.

Here is a screen shot of that issue.

I phoned KHLM’s engineering department, and they didn’t seem interested in resolving the issue, saying only that as a low-power station they are not required to label their channels.

If you’re having this problem as well, let me and the station know.

Two new Mexican channels arrive on KHLM

Today KHLM channel 43 has added two new subchannels from Mexico: a general entertainment channel and an all-news channel. The crawl on KHLM 43.1 breaks down the new additions as follows:

2 nuevas señales llegan a la ciudad espacial… En el 43.7 encontrarás Milenio Televisión con lo más relevante del acontecer de Estados Unidos, México y el mundo, y si de entretenimiento se trata en el 43.6 llega Altavisión una televisión divertida, inovadora e inteligente… Ahora la familia de Multimedios Houston crece con Milenio Televisión en el 43.7 y Altavisión en el 43.6.

Or, paraphrased in English:

2 new signals arrive in the Space City… You will find on 43.7 Milenio Televisión with the most relevant events of the United States, Mexico and the world. And treat yourself to entertainment on 43.6 with Altavisión and get diverting, innovative and intelligent television. Now the family of Multimedios Houston grows with Milenio Televisión on 43.7 and Altavisión on 43.6.

Both Milenio Televisión and Altavisión are owned by the Multimedios conglomerate in Mexico. Milenio is a major national newspaper that started in Monterey and expanded to ten other cities.

38.6 gets a tenant, Rejoice gets a new home

A couple of subchannel moves today:

KZHO 38.6, which was activated the other day, is now showing a video announcing that it’s the home of “The Light Christian Network”.

And the Rejoice Network, formerly on KVQT 21.3, has found a home on KHLM 43.4.

“For lease” signs go up on 2 subchannels

Two subchannels of KZHO channel 38 are now displaying that they are available for lease.

Channel 38.3, formerly home of Rejoice Network, is for lease; the contact number given is 214-434-6357.

Channel 38.5, formerly Urban Television Network (which is now on KHLM 43.5), is showing scenes of a waterfall and religious music. Its contact number is 281-428-2765.

UTN moving from 38.5 to 43.8

Urban formatted channel UTN, broadcasting on KZHO channel 38.5, is announcing via its logo “bug” that it is moving to KHLM channel 43.8.

UTN programming is on the air on 43.8, albeit with different programs than are currently airing on 38.5.

It’s a positive move for the channel, putting it on a more powerful low-power station that is sited at the Missouri City tower farm, rather than a lower-powered station that is broadcasting from downtown.

SATV gone from 43.5?

So I’m back from my vacation in the land of no subchannels (Canada — their digital transition occurs in August) and I discovered that South Asian TV on KHLM 43.5 has been replaced by another channel airing the same infomercials that are on 43.6, 43.7 and 43.8.

South Asian TV continues to broadcast a live stream on their website.

Crank ’em up! 5 new subchannels turned on today

Wow, it’s certainly a busy day on the TV front as five new subchannels have been activated today.

KHLM has turned on 43.6, 43.7 and 43.8. All three channels are airing the same Spanish infomercials.

KUVM-CD and KUVM-LD are testing the same program on 10.1 and 34.1, “GBC World News“. Mike McGuff reported on GBC a few months ago; at that time their plan was to go nationwide on DirecTV.

Improvement on 43.5

Technical difficulty. Please stand by...South Asian TV on 43.5 must have been having opening-day jitters yesterday. Their video and audio quality have improved tremendously today. Some programs still look overcompressed, but it’s a vast improvement. They have a new slide promising new programs in the days to come. However, the ugly bug is still there at the top left of the screen. They have a nice graphic logo – they should use it as their bug.

Also back to normal is Promiseland on 21.3. They are in the middle of a pledge drive.

Vida Vision on channel 38.2 is asking for viewer reports of their signal via a crawl: “¡Bienvenidos! Estas viendo Vida Vision TV. Escucha Radio Vida Vision en vivo: musica y Palabra de Dios on line Queremos saber de Usted reporte la señal se Vida Vision TV a los telefonos local 281-741-7332 y a todo Estados Unidos y Puerto Rico al 1877-522-1540.” Translated: “Welcome! You are watching Vida Vision TV! Listen to Radio Vida Vision: music and the Word of God live online at We want to hear your report of the Vida Vision TV signal. Call local 281-741-7332 and throughout the U.S. and Puerto Rico at 1877-522-1540.” Sounds like they may have bigger plans than just Houston.