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KHOU on a Quest

KHOU 11 has opened up channel 11.4 and is showing the sizzle reel for new multicast network Quest. Quest, scheduled to premiere January 29 at 5 p.m., will be carrying a number of former Discovery and History network adventure shows.


Justice (Network) to be served starting Tuesday

KHOU has started running promos for the new Justice Network, which Gannett stations are picking up across the country.

Fans of Bounce, on 11.2, need not worry about their channel getting bounced. Justice Network will air on a new subchannel, 11.3. The new subchannel hasn’t been provisioned yet, so a rescan will be needed next Tuesday in order for you to be able to receive the new network.

Univision to host two new English channels this fall

Katz Broadcasting will be launching two new channels, female-skewed Escape and male-oriented Grit, this summer. Houston is among the first markets listed to receive the new channels, which will be aired as subchannels of Univision stations. Watch for the new channels on sunchannels of KXLN channel 45 this fall.

The other channel run by Katz CEO Jonathan Katz, BounceTV, will continue to air on Gannett’s KHOU 11.2.

Bounce schedule: lots of movies and Soul Train

Here‘s the network schedule for the new African-American-formatted channel Bounce, which premieres Monday at 11 a.m. on KHOU 11.2, replacing the weather ticker and news reruns.

KHOU will divert from the network schedule to air Roseanne reruns at 4 and 4:30 p.m. You can see the schedule for KHOU 11.2 here.

First programs to air on the new channel are movies The Wiz and A Raisin in the Sun.

KHOU picks up Bounce TV

Bounce TV, a new digital broadcast network targeted to 25-54–year-old African-American adults, will air on a subchannel of KHOU channel 11 when it launches on September 26.

“Beginning September 26, our network will deliver free programming for our vastly under-served community and be accessible free, to all homes. We look forward to Bounce TV entertaining African American viewers, and frankly all Americans, for many years to come,” said Ambassador Andrew Young, part of Bounce TV’s founding group and board of directors, along with Martin Luther King III.

“Bounce TV is perfect for Houston,” said KHOU-TV President & General Manager Susan McEldoon. “It will provide unique alternative programming for our large African American audience. We look forward to September 26 and becoming the new exclusive home of Bounce TV in Houston.”

Source: Broadcasting and Cable

KHOU overnight maintenance

KHOU just posted this notice on their Facebook page:

“Some of you have called to asked about our overnight signal. Our signal tower is undergoing maintenance. This affects people who receive our signal over-the-air and satellite dish customers. Due to the maintenance those specific viewers will unable to see our over-the-air signal from midnight to 5am through Friday. If this affects you, we apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.”

Mobile Content Venture planning to deliver mobile DTV in Houston

The ATSC digital TV standard was not designed for use in a mobile setting. The bitrate of video signals encoded in ATSC is too high for error-correction to kick in reliably, which it would need to do when a receiver is in motion. (That’s my assumption — I’m sure more knowledgable readers will correct me if I’m wrong.)

Enter the Mobile Content Venture, a joint venture oif 12 major broadcast groups. They are developing, and testing (in some markets) a lower-resolution DTV signal that would be able to be received by mobile receivers.

MCV announced today their plans to upgrade TV stations in 20 markets, including Houston, with at least two ad-supported free-to-consumer channels in each market. Additional channels and markets are expected to be added over time.

In order to receive the mobile video service, consumers will need a device capable of receiving a specific type of mobile video broadcast, encrypted with conditional access. MCV is working with various OEMs and device manufacturers to ensure these devices are available in the second half of 2011.

MCV includes Fox (parent of KRIV and KTXH), ION Television (parent of KPXB), Belo Corp. (parent of KHOU), Post-Newsweek Stations Inc. (parent of KPRC), Cox Media Group, E.W. Scripps Co., Gannett Broadcasting, Hearst Television Inc., Media General Inc., Meredith Corp., and Raycom Media.

(Parts of this post come from a press release from MCV.)

Same channel, new name

KVQT channel 21.1 has been branded “GGAV” since its launch last year. As of last night, the station is using its new branding, “UTN” (for Urban Television Network). The programming on the channel appears unchanged so far.

Not much else is new. KZHO is still suffering from Slingbox disease, and neither Alpha Omega nor Telestai has been on for the past couple of days.

Of the big stations, KHOU made best use of its subchannel during last night’s election returns, running continuous local returns from 7 to at least 9.

NBC O&Os rolling out “Nonstop” local channels

Lots of local content is being multicast by NBC O&O stations. The network is rolling out its “Nonstop” channels in Chicago, LA, San Diego and San Francisco soon; Dallas and Miami will debut the channels by the end of the year. These join “New York Nonstop” which runs on the Peacock’s flagship, WNBC.

This won’t affect Houston, where KPRC is owned by Post-Newsweek. But it’s a gem of an idea for any big station. KHOU is headed in the right direction with expansion of local content on 11.2. I’d like to see the Belo stations share their local productions with each other.


Must be some tower maintenance going on today. KETH, KTMD, KUBE, and KFTH are all off the air this morning. All four stations are on the southwest-most of the towers at Missouri City.

(At 6:59, KFTH and KUBE came back on. KTMD came back just after 7:00.)

Telestai is still off on 34.1. The station was testing the signal over the weekend, and had audio playing for a while, but no video. This morning, no audio, but a screenshot of Google Chrome… that must be what they’re using to play the Internet stream.

Over on KTRK, the “Live Well HD Network” is now simply “Live Well Network”. Belo picked up the channel for most of its stations (not KHOU, obviously) but will be airing it in standard definition, causing the name change. The station is still in 720p here in Houston.