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MeTV announces move to KPRC

On a Facebook post earlier today, MeTV announced it is switching from KUBE 57.4 to KPRC 2.2 on May 28.

This will mean a shift for This TV, currently on 2.2. Stay tuned…


That was fast: LATV back on, at a new place on the dial

KPRC pulled LATV from its multicast the other day, after Post-Newsweek’s contract to run the channel ended.

LATV wasted no time finding another host station. As of today, LATV programs are airing on KYAZ channel 51.7.

¡Adiós, LATV!

KPRC has pulled LATV from its subchannel 2.3. I spoke with the engineering office a few minutes ago, and they told me the station’s contract to air LATV had ended.

Currently on 2.3 are color bars and a 1 kHz reference tone.

(Update: KYAZ has picked up LATV and put it on channel 51.7.)

This is not the bird normally associated with NBC.

KPRC management isn’t commenting publicly on Monday’s incident where morning anchor Owen Conflenti’s obscene hand gesture toward someone off-camera was caught on air during the 9:20 am local news break.

Used to be, before TV went widescreen, anchors could get away with that sort of thing. Not that it was very common; most newscasters are more professional than that.

But it’s worth remembering that what used to be cropped by the camera is more likely to be seen — and noticed.

Video of the incident is included in this story from TVSpy.

(Update: YouTube has pulled the video, but it is still available at Mediaite for the time being.)

Nate Berkus moving to main KPRC channel, off 2.2

Broadcasting and Cable reports KPRC is moving The Nate Berkus Show off of channel 2.2 to the main channel next month.

The show currently airs at 8 a.m. on 2.2, and will be moving to noon on 2.1, replacing Real Housewives.

Mobile Content Venture planning to deliver mobile DTV in Houston

The ATSC digital TV standard was not designed for use in a mobile setting. The bitrate of video signals encoded in ATSC is too high for error-correction to kick in reliably, which it would need to do when a receiver is in motion. (That’s my assumption — I’m sure more knowledgable readers will correct me if I’m wrong.)

Enter the Mobile Content Venture, a joint venture oif 12 major broadcast groups. They are developing, and testing (in some markets) a lower-resolution DTV signal that would be able to be received by mobile receivers.

MCV announced today their plans to upgrade TV stations in 20 markets, including Houston, with at least two ad-supported free-to-consumer channels in each market. Additional channels and markets are expected to be added over time.

In order to receive the mobile video service, consumers will need a device capable of receiving a specific type of mobile video broadcast, encrypted with conditional access. MCV is working with various OEMs and device manufacturers to ensure these devices are available in the second half of 2011.

MCV includes Fox (parent of KRIV and KTXH), ION Television (parent of KPXB), Belo Corp. (parent of KHOU), Post-Newsweek Stations Inc. (parent of KPRC), Cox Media Group, E.W. Scripps Co., Gannett Broadcasting, Hearst Television Inc., Media General Inc., Meredith Corp., and Raycom Media.

(Parts of this post come from a press release from MCV.)

NBC O&Os rolling out “Nonstop” local channels

Lots of local content is being multicast by NBC O&O stations. The network is rolling out its “Nonstop” channels in Chicago, LA, San Diego and San Francisco soon; Dallas and Miami will debut the channels by the end of the year. These join “New York Nonstop” which runs on the Peacock’s flagship, WNBC.

This won’t affect Houston, where KPRC is owned by Post-Newsweek. But it’s a gem of an idea for any big station. KHOU is headed in the right direction with expansion of local content on 11.2. I’d like to see the Belo stations share their local productions with each other.