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It’s alive! ALIVE! “Zombie” KQHO comes to life, plus more channel changes

There’s lots of channel changes tonight, so grab the remote and your scorecard and let’s start scanning.

The big news tonight is that one of Houston’s “zombie” stations has finally come to life! KQHO-LD is broadcasting over channel 20, former frequency home of KTXH, and is identifying with its former analog channel number (from back when it was alive in Beaumont), channel 56. KQHO is transmitting from downtown Houston along with its sister, KZHO.

Other channel changes to look for:

KUVM-LD 10.4 adds QVC, and Revenue Frontier infomercials slip down to 10.7.

KVVV has found a tenant for 15.7. The Perfect Creation Network (281-330-0273 or 832-893-7433) is running a promotional loop heralding an April launch with home shopping, news, movies, talk and Christian programming.

Thanks also to Bryan S. for the tip on KHLM 43.4 switching to infomercials.

Finally, KUVM-CD 34.3 RTV moves down one slot to 34.4, making way for QVC in 34.3. Also, 34.2, lately TheCoolTV, is now showing color bars and no PSIP short name (the seven-letter tag you see when tuning in to the station).


The KQHO zombie walk continues

KQHO-LP, channel 56, currently licensed to Beaumont with a transmitter near Devers, has applied to switch frequencies when it completes its zombie walk to Houston.

Channel 56 is “out-of-core” ever since the digital transition, which reduced the TV back to channels 2-51. The owners, LMO Christian Media, have found a suitable frequency to relocate their signal: channel 20.

They obviously won’t be able to identify as channel 20, since KTXH uses that channel ID. By the PSIP standard, KQHO will have to identify as channel 19 when they go on the air.

The projected signal pattern of the new station will put all of its signal over eastern, southern and southwestern Harris County.

Expect a religious format on this station.

More zombies!

There’s another LPTV zombie on its way to Houston. KQHO, licensed to Beaumont on channel 56, has been granted an application to move to the JP Morgan Chase tower in downtown Houston.