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2V preparing to move up the dial

Local microcaster 2V Television, currently on KVQT channel 21.4, has announced its pending move to KTBU channel 55.4. The ID slide mentioned “canal 55.4 proximamente” (channel 55.4 soon), but no specific date.

Channel 55.4 is currently simulcasting channel 55.1’s MegaTV signal in standard definition.


CCTV switch on 55.6?

Thanks to Gerry for the tip that KTBU 55.6 has switched from the English-language CCTV News channel to the Chinese-language CCTV-4. I’ve reached out to WCETV, which leases the channel, to ask whether this is a permanent change.

¡Adiós, KTBU! “Houston’s 55” flips to MegaTV

KTBU channel 55 switched from being an English-language independent station to an affiliate of Spanish Broadcasting Systems’ MegaTV network early this morning.

MegaTV is currently being shown in standard definition; the network does produce a high-definition signal. All subchannels of channel 55 are still on the air.

KTBU sale approved by FCC

The sale of KTBU, channel 55, to Spanish Broadcasting Systems has been approved by the FCC.

There’s still no word of when the new owner will flip the signal to its MegaTV network.

Mi Casa Broadcasting now streaming live

Mi Casa Broadcasting announced today on its Facebook page that it has begun streaming its signal on its website,

Shocker: KTBU sold, to flip to Spanish

This transaction took me totally by surprise: Spanish Broadcasting Systems has entered into an agreement to purchase KTBU, channel 55, and will affiliate the station with its Mega TV network when the sale is finalized sometime in the third quarter.

“Mega TV has always been at the forefront in providing original Hispanic programming to an audience that expects high quality and engaging content. We are proud to expand our commitment to our viewers by bringing Mega TV to Houston on KTBU Channel 55,” commented Albert Rodriguez, Chief Revenue Officer of SBS.

Here‘s a link to SBS’ news release.

Me-TV coming to Houston?

Weigel Broadcasting’s Me-TV classic TV network has announced deals with a number of station groups around the country: Hearst Television, Raycom Media, Cox Television, Newport Television, Media General, Capitol Broadcasting, Bahakel Communications, Gray Television, Quincy Newspapers, New Age Media, MPS Media, London Broadcasting Group, Bonten Media Group, and Titan Broadcast Management. Of these groups, only Titan has a connection to Houston, as they operate KUBE.

So I checked Me-TV’s national web site and they list KTBU, not KUBE, as their Houston affiliate. I have to wonder about this, since all of KTBU’s subchannels are being programmed right now.

My conclusion: It’s possible that we’ll be seeing another classic TV subchannel soon. I have learned not to believe anything until it shows up on the dial.

(Update: Me-TV’s website has been updated, and KUBE is in fact going to be the Me-TV station.)

ITV 55.5 now live streaming

ITV (KTBU 55.5) is now streaming its programming, according to a report in today’s Chronicle.

The stream can be found here.

Mi Casa launch press release

PRLog (Press Release) – Jan 03, 2011 – Mi Casa Broadcasting (MCB Network) launches a Latino Paradise.

Los Angeles, CA: Some say ‘Yeah, whatever, that’ll never happen” the founder of “Mi Casa Broadcasting (MCB Network)” asserts, “A channel dedicated to this audience is long overdue and overlooking an important buying power.” The new 24/7 broadcast on Houston Digital Television 55.4 is backed by the 57 year old leading Houston based fiber optic giant, “Phonoscope”. The channel launches over the AIR in Houston running back to back programming in January 2011. The broadcast company aims to enrich American Latino viewers on the amazing talent that promises to inspire across the global audience in LATAM. Delivered in English, the programs range from comedy puppet shows and youth education to cage fighting and even arena football. “MCB Network” is an incredible informational resource of history on American born culture and designed to create a heroic image.

While preparing the Spring Season line up, many award winning producers, directors, writers, actors, and musicians have been join forces with Mi Casa Broadcasting for over a decade to provide content from various regions of The United States. Through the Mi Casa Broadcasting’s Digital TV portal, viewers can call this their home for Latino culture in English, a genre that has long been underutilized in TV/Film.

“I own several businesses where my main buyer is Tex Mex. I have always loved my history but I’ve always talked English and we use it in our home. This TV network has gotten my attention and I have to thank Mi Casa Broadcasting for bringing back Tejas tradition and culture. As an American born Mexican person I’m proud of you!”– anonymous fan

New TV Network to Serve as Two Way Mirror Between Latin American Culture mixed with the ever-growing Infinite Cultures in America.

“MCB Network” strategically captures the Houston, TX audience as it expands its 2.5 million viewer reach in South East Texas. Here viewers can re-discover a sense of pride, an excellent new look at pop-culture featuring high-end modern day pilots, comedies, reality shows, music videos, and feature length films, calling it a gateway for established talent to serve up an experimental style of breakthrough broadcast television from building strong relationships in the industry, a TV network that exemplifies the American dream.

“My children and I are eagerly waiting for this to happen. There isn’t any other place we can see dedicated TV shows, especially if you don’t have cable. You are the first. My friends said they would be awesome not to have to pay for cable and save money watching a network about us. Please keep us updated on all of your events. We want to help!!! Thank you, Mi Casa Broadcasting.”- Janet Rodriguez, fan

“This TV Station combines all Latinos no matter what country they are from. This is the one and only of it’s
kind. We’d hope to see and hear so many people’s stories and lives that otherwise would go untold . Can’t wait for it!!”- Mayra J Leal, Actress

“Mi Casa Broadcasting (MCB Network)” is broadcast on Houston’s KTBU on DTV 55.4 and Phonoscope Cable in the United States, covering over a dozen surrounding counties. Topics covered at the network will also be to interact with audience to develop original series and editorial content to build a brand that gives power to the people, in English language featuring over 17 Latin American cultures. In addition to “MCB Network” ( and Phonoscope Cable (, will also be distributing across a mobile and broadband platforms in the very near future.

Mi Casa to start broadcasting January 1

Mi Casa Broadcasting announced today on its Facebook page that it will begin regular broadcasting on KTBU 55.4 on New Year’s Day. They are already broadcasting a promo reel.