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MeTV announces move to KPRC

On a Facebook post earlier today, MeTV announced it is switching from KUBE 57.4 to KPRC 2.2 on May 28.

This will mean a shift for This TV, currently on 2.2. Stay tuned…


Cozi gets cozy with KTMD; KUBE picks up The Works

A slight channel shift today moves NBCUniversal-owned classic TV broadcaster Cozi TV to its sister NBCU property, Telemundo O&O KTMD. Cozi has landed on channel 47.3, previously home to a time-shifted standard definition broadcast of Telemundo.

The vacancy left by Cozi on KUBE 57.5 has been filled by a new channel called “The Works”. This channel appears to be showing older films, mainly from the MGM library, and is on the air in several larger markets, including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Boston so far.

KUBE gets Cozi with classic TV; KFTB goes dark

NBC Universal’s classic TV channel Cozi TV has found a Houston home on KUBE 57.5. The channel was launched earlier this year on NBC-owned stations, expanding to other groups such as London Broadcasting’s KCEN in Waco, KAGS in Bryan-College Station, and others.

Some TV listing services had shown 57.5 to be affiliated with the “Soul of the South” network that is scheduled to launch on Memorial Day.

Cozi TV is currently being shown in “squish-o-vision”, indicating a misconfiguration of the encoder.

In channel disappearances, the Fort Bend-focused “KFTB” airing on KVVV 15.6 appears to have folded up shop as quickly and quietly as it began. The channel now shows a “for lease” screen.

KUBE off the air due to fire

KUBE just posted to its Facebook page: “We are currently off the air due to a fire in our building, no injuries and we’re working to have everything up and running in a few hours.”

And they are back on the air this morning.

KUVM-LD finally finds its new home

Mako’s low-power KUVM-LD, PSIP channel 10 but broadcasting over channel 40, has been the nomad of the Houston airwaves, seeking to escape adjacent-channel interference from KUBE. First, the station applied for channel 14. That application was eventually dismissed because the FCC felt Mako didn’t adequately state its case that it was being interfered with.

Not to be deterred, Mako then applied for channel 18. However, that frequency is adjacent to land-mobile uses, and therefore would not be able to be granted.

The station’s latest application has now been granted. This will move KUVM-LD from channel 40 to channel 22. No need to rescan just yet, though, as the construction permit has just been issued.

KUVM-LD trying yet again for a new channel

Poor Mako Communications. It’s having trouble finding a new home for KUVM-LD (channel 10), currently broadcasting on channel 40. In November 2010, it applied for displacement to channel 14, claiming it was being interfered with by KUBE. In April 2011, the FCC put the onus on KUVM-LD to prove that it was actually being interfered with, or risk having the application dismissed.

They tried again last month, applying for channel 18. That application has not been disposed of yet, but Mako must not be confident that it will get that new channel, because they have now filed to move to channel 22. That’s adjacent to low-power KVQT on channel 21, and full-power KLTJ on channel 23.

Missing Me-TV? It’s moved.

I realize I buried this news earlier when I talked about Pegasus TV leaving KUBE 57.4. My site stats tell me a lot of people wonder what happened to Me-TV on 57.5. Quick answer: It moved down to 57.4 when Pegasus left the air.

Pegasus TV gallops off into the OTA sunset, Me-TV moves

Pegasus TV, the equestrian network, has chosen to focus on cable distribution rather than over-the-air and consequently is no longer seen on KUBE 57.4.

From the Pegasus TV website:

PegasusTV will be expanding to over 100 cities in January, focusing on
digital delivery of its targeted “virtual cable network” to local communities throughout the country.

With an initial emphasis on the six states with the highest horse populations – Texas, California, Florida, Ohio, Oklahoma and Kentucky — the network will be customized for communities in more than 150 television markets by the end of January, 2012.

Current “over-the-air (OTA)” antenna reception in these markets may cease or become limited to a few hours a day.

Meanwhile, on KUBE, Me-TV has moved down to the 57.4 channel slot.

Hot off the press! MeTV and Antenna TV fall schedules are out

MeTV (KUBE 57.5) and Antenna TV (KIAH 39.2) released their fall schedules today, and it looks like these two networks are picking up a lot of the shows formerly shown on RTV (KUVM-CD 34.2).

MeTV’s schedule can be found here and Antenna TV’s schedule can be found here.

KUBE switches on high-def signal

KUBE, channel 57, has switched its main signal from sandard-definition (480i) to high definition (720p). This is in preparation for the addition of some first-run syndicated programming this fall.

The HD signal is also available on Comcast channel 653.