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QVC takes over from Cubana and more changes

KUVM-LD channel 10.1 has had a slight shuffle in its subchannels. Cubana de Televisión is gone from 10.1, replaced by QVC, which slides up from 10.4. Revenue Frontier infomercials move up from the now-gone 10.7 to 10.4.

TeleRomantica has vanished from KUGB 28.8. Meanwhile, channel 28.5, formerly Distinction TV, has been replaced by a loop of kids’ shows including Mustard Pancakes.

And KYAZ 51.5 has launched VietTV24, a Los Angeles-based channel.


The subchannel shuffle

There are some new subchannel spottings this week on the Houston dial.

KVVV channel 15 has dropped EduSat from 15.8, marking that channel for lease. (Contact information on the dial page.) African-American-oriented Distinction TV has moved from KUGB 28.5 to KVVV 15.5.

Running a sizzle reel (more like a simmer reel) on KVVV 15.6 is KFTB, targeting Fort Bend County with “family programming, local content, sports, events and entertainment.”

LATV has moved from full-power KYAZ 51.6 to low-power KUGB 28.6.

KZHO 38.4 and 38.6 are airing an online radio station called “Manà, Un Sonido Diferente”.

New on KBPX 46.3 is Ion’s shopping channel, Shop TV. ShopTV won’t fit on Ion’s main station, KPXB, due to the Airbox MPEG-4 paycast.

KTMD 47.3, Soi TV, has gone off the air on all Telemundo stations nationwide. Its only air coverage now is on low-power stations in New York and Los Angeles.

KYAZ 51.5 has switched from Global TiVi to NT Entertainment. 51.6 is now showing infomercials.

And finally, KZJL 61.3 has turned on a test pattern.

KVVV-LD sold to Thomas Abraham

Tom Abraham, the Sugar Land city councilman who until recently owned KUGB-LD, channel 28, is purchasing KVVV-LD, channel 15, from Pappas Telecasting’s bankruptcy trustee.

The sale price is $850,000.

Abraham takes over operation of the station under a time brokerage agreement tomorrow. So if you have missed Harry Pappas’ commencement address at Cal Stanislaus that has run every 8 minutes around the clock for the past year, you’d better hurry.

KUGB sold again; more general entertainment channels to come?

Channel 28, KUGB, was sold early last year to Sugar Land city councilman Thomas Abraham. The new owner upgraded the channel to multicasting, and switched format from Spanish general entertainment to religious programming.

Today it was announced by the FCC that Abraham has filed the paperwork to sell the station to Fairfax, Virginia-based OTA Broadcasting LLC. OTA, whose general partner is an investment firm owned by Dell Computer founder Michael Dell, owns four other stations: KVOS in Bellingham, Washington; KFFV in Seattle, Washington; KTLN in Novato, California (reaching the San Francisco market), and WEBR-CD in New York City.

The other OTA stations air a variety of subchannels. KVOS is the Me-TV affiliate for Seattle on 12.1, and airs TheCoolTV on 12.2. KFFV airs infomercials on 44.1, Azteca América on 44.2; ICN (Chinese) on 44.3; and Untamed Sports TV on 44.4. KTLN airs Total Living Network on 47.1; infomercials on 47.2; and SonLife on 47.3. WEBR features Global Christian Network on 17.1 and Korean radio on 17.4.

The sale price is $2.3 million, a good return on the $850,000 Abraham paid for the station.

OTA hasn’t announced its plans for channel 28, but it’s possible that more general-entertainment channels may be headed our way.

KUGB applies for maximum power

KUGB-CA, channel 28, has applied to the FCC to nearly double its power output, from 8 kW to 15 kW, and for a slightly different directional pattern for its transmitter. The proposed new pattern appears to create a much larger coverage area than the current pattern. 15 kW is the maximum power for a low-power station.

New subchannel action on KVQT and KUGB

A couple of new channels popped up on the dial today.

Channel 21.3 is promoting a channel called Soy Latino TV. Below is their demo reel.

Also, a new channel labeled “OGM TV” is testing on channel 28.6. Their playlist (in Windows Media Player) shows religious programming.

New religious channel on 28.5

KUGB channel 28 has activated a new subchannel. A religious-formatted channel called “Distinction TV” is now airing on channel 28.5.

KUGB adds two channels

KUGB, channel 28, has started multicasting today with two new subchannels.

Religious broadcaster Keys TV has moved from channel 28.1 to 28.3.

Music videos, mostly in Spanish, from Mi Música TV are now on channel 28.1.

Channel 28.2 is showing color bars.

Thanks to Tvlover for the tip.

Keys TV to channel 28?

I’m getting reports that Keys TV, formerly on KVQT channel 21.3, has moved to KUGB channel 28.1. Unfortunately I cannot receive channel 28 to confirm this.

Keys TV was forced off 21.3 by the relocation of Rejoice TV to that subchannel.

KUGB temporarily off the air

Citing a “temporary loss of transmitter site”, KUGB channel 28 has notified the FCC that it went off the air on April 25.

Curiously, the application was signed by Jose Trinidad, not by new owner Thomas Abraham.