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Mi Casa Broadcasting links up with Mako

Mi Casa Broadcasting has announced a distribution deal with Mako Communications to put the MCBN signal into 19 markets, including a return to the Houston airwaves.

Mako owns KUVM-LD channel 10 and KUVM-CD channel 34 in the Houston market. No word yet on which channel MCBN will land on.


KTXH fires up 20.2 and 20.3

As previously mentioned, Fox-owned KTXH channel 20 has now turned on its two subchannels, and it looks like TitanTV was right on the money.

20.2 is dark for now, pending the launch of “Movies!”

20.3 is carrying a standard-definition 4×3 “squished” version of MundoFox, which continues in HD on KUVM-CD channel 34.1.

KUVM-CD adds Los Angeles station on 34.2

KUVM-CD recently shuffled its subchannels, adding QVC to 34.3 and losing TheCoolTV from 34.2. The station has now filled the vacancy on 34.2 by adding a simulcast of Los Angeles station KWHY-TV 22.2.

The main KWHY signal is the MundoFox affiliate for Los Angeles. When MundoFox signed on, the station moved its existing Spanish-language programming to 22.2 and branded it “Super 22”.

As carried on 34.2, the signal doesn’t fill a 480i screen. It’s slightly squished on the sides.

Could KTXH be jumping into the subchannel business?

Earlier in the year I posted about Weigel Broadcasting’s new subchannel “Movies”. At that time it was reported that the channel would be coming to a subchannel of KRIV channel 26.

Now there’s a hint that KTXH may be picking up “Movies!” and another digital channel.

The TitanTV listing site is now showing a channel 20.2 with “Movie Channel Coming Soon” in the grid. They’re also showing MundoFox, currently on KUVM-CD channel 34.1, on channel 20.3.

That last could be a mistake on TitanTV’s part, or it could reflect a recognition on Fox’s part that being on a low-power station in such a large market is a detriment to MundoFox.

Either way, keep your eyes on KTXH in the weeks to come.

It’s alive! ALIVE! “Zombie” KQHO comes to life, plus more channel changes

There’s lots of channel changes tonight, so grab the remote and your scorecard and let’s start scanning.

The big news tonight is that one of Houston’s “zombie” stations has finally come to life! KQHO-LD is broadcasting over channel 20, former frequency home of KTXH, and is identifying with its former analog channel number (from back when it was alive in Beaumont), channel 56. KQHO is transmitting from downtown Houston along with its sister, KZHO.

Other channel changes to look for:

KUVM-LD 10.4 adds QVC, and Revenue Frontier infomercials slip down to 10.7.

KVVV has found a tenant for 15.7. The Perfect Creation Network (281-330-0273 or 832-893-7433) is running a promotional loop heralding an April launch with home shopping, news, movies, talk and Christian programming.

Thanks also to Bryan S. for the tip on KHLM 43.4 switching to infomercials.

Finally, KUVM-CD 34.3 RTV moves down one slot to 34.4, making way for QVC in 34.3. Also, 34.2, lately TheCoolTV, is now showing color bars and no PSIP short name (the seven-letter tag you see when tuning in to the station).

TheCoolTV now on 34.2, RTV on 34.3

Thanks to Eman for the tip… KUVM-CD has picked up music video channel TheCoolTV and added it to channel 34.2.

Fans of RTV can now find it on channel 34.3.

Edit: I typoed the channel number last night. Apologies to those who went looking for RTV on 43.3.)

Rescan alert: KUVM-LD finishes its frequency change

KUVM-LD has completed its frequency change from channel 40 to channel 22. The station will still show up on your tuners as channel 10, but you will need to rescan to continue receiving Televisión de Cubana on 10.1, Jimmy Swaggart’s Sonlife Broadcasting Network on 10.2, Almavision on 10.3 (currently just color bars), infomercials on 10.4 and 10.5, and Islamic channel Peace TV on 10.6.

KUVM-LD’s new signal looks to be much improved at my house. Sister KUVM-CD (channel 34) is coming in better as well.

KUVM-CD files for major coverage gain

Mako’s KUVM-CD, channel 34, has an application in to the FCC for a major increase in its service area. The station’s current coverage area focuses on Houston’s west side. The proposed new coverage area is planned to add new coverage for the Pearland, Alvin, Pasadena and League City areas.

The station is currently only airing RTV.

Color bars are bustin’ out all over

Mako Communications has been hard at work adding new subchannels to its two stations. Color bars are now airing on KUVM-LD channel 10.1 (once home of GBC World News), and KUVM-CD channel 34.4 (formerly AMGTV) and new subchannels 34.5 and 34.6.

That was fast, part 2: RTV back on 34.2

Yesterday I passed on information about the problems KUVM-CD was having with its signal from RTV. The repairs appear to have been completed as RTV is back on channel 34.2 this morning.